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For now, this article establishes the basics of magic in the Yonderverse in note-form. Magic is a topic I hope to seriously develop in 2024, so I'm kicking things off by publishing an article on magic, even if it is just in the form of notes and simple ideas.

There are infinite types of magic, new types constantly being discovered. Some overlap, some are completely separate from the rest. Everything is made of magic, which is what allows people to control and manipulate it. Magic fields work similar to taxonomy - some classify one thing as another, some things as the same, and some separate certain magic fields. It's highly subjective, but most people generally agree on most magic fields.

Host Dimension

Each type of magic has a different host dimension. Magic users draw power from these dimensions. They are rarely inhabited, but some civilisations can be found, such as the Lux who inhabit Sabala.
Sabala - Phosphomancy
Spirit Realm - Phantomancy
Horror Dimension - Horrormancy
Seedling Realm - Floramancy


Magis is a set of chemicals found in all organisms. Some organisms carry more magis than others, and once they pass a certain threshold, influenced by size, age, environment, etc., the magis will activate within the body. Active magis subsequently activates certain "abilities" of these organisms.

Biomagis is found in all plant species and some organisms of other kingdoms. The more biomagis in a plant, the faster they grow. Similar effects on other organisms.


Aeromagis can allow some organisms to fly without the need for wings. Floating derries, a flowering plant, float through the skies using aeromagis.


There are three commonly identified superclasses of magic. Elemental Magic, Mystical Magic, and Urban Magic. Elemental Magic contains magic fields that relate to the elements: physical magics, such as water, earth, fire, air (shush it makes sense), etc. Mystical Magic involves more metaphysical magics, such as amaramancy, phantomancy, horrormancy, etc. Urban Magic is for "anything else", e.g. archomancy (architecture magic), sanguimancy (blood magic), all of the metal magics, etc.


Some organisms have an innate connection to one or more magic fields. Most are classified in the kingdom Inanimalia, referred to as inanimals. Animals can have a connection to magic, but don't have to. Inanimals have to.

Most people in the Yonderverse assume all inanimals are dangerous. Few are actually dangerous, and most cannot physically harm anybody anyways. Many forms of haunting are done by inanimals that exist in separate dimensions with limited access to the Capital Dimension, where the vast majority of the Yonderverse's population exists.

List of magic types

  • Aeromancy (Air Magic)
  • Amaramancy (Heart Magic)
  • Archomancy (Architecture Magic)
  • Aquamancy (Water Magic)
  • Auromancy (Gold Magic)
  • Ectomancy (Apparition Magic)
  • Ferromancy (Ferrous Magic)
  • Floramancy (Plant Magic)
  • Fulgurmancy (Lightning Magic)
  • Horrormancy (Horror Magic)
  • Lunamancy (Moon Magic)
  • Phantomancy (Spirit Magic)
  • Phosphomancy (Light Magic)
  • Pyromancy (Fire Magic)
  • Sanguimancy (Blood Magic)
  • Sonarmancy (Noise Magic)
  • Stellamancy (Star Magic)
  • Terramancy (Earth Magic)

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