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Coronation of Sun Elf kings


  The Unhelli traditions of coronation of their kings go back as far as 5000 BP during the time of the 1st Dynasty, during the Middle Bronze Age. Since then, the ritual of coronation hasn't changed a lot regarding of which dynasty was in power. When the Anthyneryn (the descendants of elves from the South)2nd dynasty rose to power after the 3000s they incorporated all the rituals, architecture from the previous dynasty (and traditions like the coronation). The main objective of this lavish ceremony is to show the belief that the Sun elf King is the personification of the Sun on earth.  


  The coronation of the Sun elf king doesn't take place in the royal capital, Ymhilean but rather in the temple complex of Ahira, near the Sun Lake. This is the place that the first dynasty chose for the coronations because of its religious importance (connected with the cult of the Sky Father and other important gods) as well as its proximity to the first royal capital, Tiruz. As time passed by, the location of this place became also symbolically because it’s located in the middle of the kingdom, between the predominantly Anthynerynn West and the predominantly Bathynerynn East.  

Requisites to be crowned king

  During the first 3 dynasties, the Sun elf monarchy was hereditary. The eldest son became king upon their father's demise. But after a civil war, the monarchy became elective. The new king has to belong to one of the five noble houses of Unhelion and has to be chosen by the High Council of the Kingdom. Once the new king is elected, the news about the new appointed king are read in every major city and town. And the coronation ceremony usually takes place a month after the election.    

A shiny ceremony full of symbolism

  The new appointed king usually spend the night before the coronation day at the Tower of Light, the summer residence of the Sun elf Kings. At sunrise the king takes two baths, one of milk and the other of water with roses, in order to be purified before entering the temple complex at the other side of the Sun Lake. After these baths and the breakfast the king is dressed in a bright white tunic and then, escorted by his guard, he and the queen jump into a boat that will carry them to the other side of the lake. Once there, they travel to the temple of the Sun God in a golden chariot driven by white horses. On his way to the temple the new monarch and his consort are greeted by the crowd.   When they arrive at the temple they're greeted by the Priest of the Sun God and the Priest of the Nature goddess (identified in the human davidovian faiths as Abbon Shabai and Tyr). It is at this moment when the coronation ceremony really begins  

The royal procession

  Also known as the procession of the White Walls due to the colour of the stone of the temple of the Sky Father. In consists of 5 laps around the temple by the king, the queen and the priesthood of the religious complex. Each time they go by the temple doors they recite prayers to the gods asking for their protection Also its another moment for the king to salute and receive the homage of his people. The king still wears his aforementioned white tunic and a diadem, sometimes made of flowers or precious metals.  

The anointment and coronation

Once the procession completes the tour around the temple, the priests and the King and Queen enter the temple. Inside of it is where the holiest part of the ceremony will take place. There the king will wash his hands at the Holy Pool and will receive the sceptre from the priest of the goddess of nature and the sword from the priest of the Sun God. Then, the monarch is raised on a platform surrounded by the queen and the members of the High Council of Unhelion. Both priests anoint the king's forehead with a drop of olive oil and perfume (symbolizing wealth and purity of the land), it is after this moment that both priests put the crown over the king's head, while everybody around kneels as a gesture of homage to the sovereign, and together they recite the following prayer:  
The Holy mother created you, the Primordial Gods have given you birth, stand out upon this land blessed by the gods, may you become over it, may you be high over it!, so that your father sees you, so that the Sky Father sees you!. Because it is written, that one day he will come, the one that will give orders to fathers, to mothers and sons. All elvenkind rejoice as your light is eternal and through it, the world thrives and order is maintained, May your reign be prosperous, oh you Child of the Light, reflection of the Sun!.
Once this prayer is recited everybody shouts: Long live the King!. And after that the new crowned Sun Elf king puts the royal crown over the head of the Queen, and she gives a kiss on the cheek of the king and also kisses the statues of the Goddess of Nature and the Sun God.  

A spectacular ending

  Once this ceremony is complete, the king is presented to the people on a throne, and at the moment he stands up, a series of mirrors reflects the light of the sun from the holy pool and the orbs of the temple as if the king emanates light (thus enforcing this idea of the Sun elf king as the reflection of the light of the Sun). After this the king salutes the crowd and goes inside the temple again and recites the first verses of the Book of Radiance that says:  
Blessed be the Sun, the source of all light and life. It is by the grace of the Sun that we are able to see, to grow, and to thrive. Let us praise the Sun and offer our gratitude for its eternal radiance.
  These verses are also sung from the tower of prayer adjacent to the temple.   The coronation ceremony ends with the king travelling in a golden boat from the Temple of Ahira to Ymhilean . Symbolizing the movement of the sun in the skies from east to west during which many people also take their boats to meet the king and greet him on his way to the capital. When the King reaches the city, he enters it through the Silver Gate in a procession that ends in the Royal palace.
Papyrus of a Sun elf king on his royal boat (1st Dynasty) by Callyxtus

Cover image: Papyrus of a Sun elf king on his royal boat (1st Dynasty) by Callyxtus


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