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Fyrst (F-ur-st)

Playback Recording: Subject: Frank >... 'I remember walking out on the observation deck of Icarus Bundled up with Coats and gloves. The gales blew in like Ice, and I saw it for the first time. Fyrst! a Continent of extremes. The railings of the deck were already encrusted with ice and snow blew by at a brisk pace. I was surprised at how far we had gotten inland, when I fell asleep we were still over the Great Ocean. Looking out over the continent high peaked mountains blew snow from their tops like flags swaying and swooping in the wind. I could hear it before I saw it, a loud crash like an explosion. I looked out and could see among the mountains of this frozen land were Volcanoes spewing a superheated orange-yellow substance into the air. It melted the snow in grand flowing rivers of warm color. At the banks of these rivers were trees about the height of a man, but glowed orange as well. When I took a Zephyr down to the surface I realized that the trees that grew around the landscape had translucent leaves! Leaves which were shaped somewhat like the Pasta shells I used to eat back in The Network Though a local stopped me from plucking one. The trees here, she said, draw up what she called Thermalyne The substance I had seen flowing from the volcanoes. They use it to melt snow around their trunks to water themselves. Under the near constant high altitude blizzard these "Hotbarks" are vital sources of light and controlled heat. Their branches snipped for torches or leaves carefully plucked as a handwarmer in a pinch. Looking straight up I saw what she meant. Sol barely had any color through the obscuring snow and wind blowing far overhead, though down on the ground it was fairly average, and that was liable to change.   Mountains all around us stood tall enough to reach into the overhead blizzard with ease making the entire continent feel like a massive cave with supporting pillars, not too dissimilar from the Network. The kind woman invited me inside and promised to let me record more about the Thermalyne. Hopefully beside a warm fire.


A frozen and mountainous region intermingled with gouging Volcanoes spewing Thermalyne into the surrounding areas. The mountains are also known to house deep caves.


The ecosystem on Fyrst revolves around the everpresent "Hotbark" as the locals call them. In many cases there is no need for a fire to warm yourself here as carefully plucked Hotbark leaves can be used as handwarmers, or with enough talent, carefully pierced open and soaked into clothing for a full body warmup! Strange bipedal furred creatures are said to roam the HotBark   forests feasting on any Sulfreal too lazy to keep an eye on its surroundings.

Localized Phenomena

Thermalyne seemingly only seeps to the surface here on Fyrst. Though why this is is unkown. In addition Fyrst is unusually cold despite Sol shining here too. perhaps the High altitude blizzard blocks too much light?

Fauna & Flora

HotBark   trees Sulfreal - portly and friendly creatures that swim through the Thermalyne Cryptichinds- Mysterious bipedal lupine creatures that feed on lazy Sulfreals.

Natural Resources

Between the Thermalyne and gale force winds power generation here is quite simple and effective. Batteries are oft charged with monumental stores of energy here for those who cant afford, or wont risk bringing excess bluut onto their Zephyr. While not natural many come to this place because the Thermalyne rivers often uncover the tops of Third age structures which, of course, could lead even further down to the realms of ages.

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