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Lien Charis Farrier

In Lien Charis Farrier

Lien Charis Farrier is a member of the Mɛniŋʌrjɛɔbd sub-caste of the Warrior Caste, and holds the rank of mɛbo and the title 'Investigator'. Her current home is Golla, on Viðrjǫrð in the system NN 3325, where she investigates crimes and collects evidence prior to a detective taking over the case to lay charges on suspects.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

All Warriors face physically demanding exercise from a very young age and Lien is no exception. Although she has lost some of the raw power that she had when she was still in her education, her genetic advantages has meant that she has retained high levels of fitness and physical strength, and like all Warriors, continues to train and exercise regularly. Modern Xahian healthcare means she is free from most disease, thanks to a sophisticated panacea-vaccine given to all Xahian caste members and although she has no current cybernetic augmentation, it is available to her should she require it as a result of her work.

Body Features

Considered below-average height for her caste, Lien is 232 centimetres tall, and weighs about 130 kilograms. She has the typical large frame build of her caste, with a well developed muscle structure, broad shoulders and hips, and long limbs.

Facial Features

Like almost all Xahians, Lien has dark hair, cropped short for ease, and olive coloured skin that tans easily. Eye colour varies considerably amongst Xahians, due to the quirks of their genetic heritage, but Liens are a light brown. She has a long, straight nose and is often described as having an intense, 'piercing' gaze, with full lips and high cheekbones.

Special abilities

Lein is a member of the Warrior caste and is capable of running 100 meters, in full gear, in around 12 seconds and can bench-press approximately 200 kilograms, with a dead-lift of over 350 kilograms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on the world Xahi itself, she was, like all Xahians, born on into a ʧudɔr or 'sibling batch' with 6240 other potentials from the Warrior caste. She was given the name 'Charis' at birth by her Mother, but was also granted the Ancestor name of Farrier, in acknowledgement that one of her ancestors was an important Contributor to The Sevenfold Path.   At age 10, the ʧudɔr was assessed for aptitude and Charis was assigned to the Watcher stream for further education. For a young Warrior, this was a huge blow to her ego; the loss of a chance to fight for the Federation of Xah and allocation to what was perceived as a third-rate stream. That she held an esteemed Ancestor name made it even worse. However, it was explained to Charis that her ancestor was a famous detective with the Watchers, credited for ending a Worker revolt before it even starter, and that her genes and destiny gave her a proper calling. With this revelation, Charis recommitted herself to the cause, and excelled in her education.   At age 16, she passed her tests with flying colours and took the personal name 'Lien', after her famous Ancestor. After 5 more years of advanced Watcher training, she graduated aged 21 and was assigned to the Golla hive city on the world Viðrjǫrð as a Patroller, the first rank in the Watcher hierarchy. It only took 18 months for Lien's training and ancestry to be noticed by her superiors, and she was moved up to the Investigator role and the rank of mɛbo.




Lien is trained, like all Warriors, in basic combat tactics and operations, and is familiar with most of the weapons and equipment in use by her caste. Her Watcher stream education included investigation and interrogation techniques, evidence collection and assessment, and knowledge about the other castes, their structure and operations. She scored highly in investigation, and displayed a true aptitude for understanding the motivations of non-Warrior Xahians. It was this empathy for other castes that led to her assignment to Golla, which had a large worker and farmer population.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lien has a keen eye for details, particularly those details that do not seem to belong, a trait that has done her well in her assigned role. Not naturally charismatic, she does possess the ability to put others at ease, probably due to her relatively shorter height and lighter frame than most of her caste. Whilst she may appear to be aloof to those she does not know, amongst her close friends and companions she is well known for her dry humour and observant wit.

Personality Characteristics


As a member of the Warrior caste, Lien is dedicated to protecting the Federation of Xah and the way of life that The Sevenfold Path describes. She fervently believes in its core principles that humanity is lost and incapable of handling uncontrolled freedoms, and has a strong faith that the Xahian philosophy will eventually lead to a new evolution and humanity's final destiny. Added to this is the motivation given to her possession of an Ancestor name, and her desire to live up the expectations that such a prestigious honour gives.

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite insecurities regarding her abilities, Lien has a strong dose of arrogant entitlement. She might not be good enough (in her own eyes anyway), but her Ancestor Name and genetic heritage means she should be given exceptional consideration, more so than others without such a perk. Officially, this is against The Sevenfold Path, but in reality, her name and heritage do carry some weight.


Hobbies & Pets

Whilst pre-prepared food is freely available for delivery to any Xahian, Lien chooses to spend some of her allowance to get deliveries of the raw materials, and enjoys cooking her own meals. Whilst the range of options available to her is limited, and there is a shortage of worthwhile material to assist her, Lien is always happy to share her attempts with those who share her living areas, to varying degrees of pleasure.   Of the just over six thousand people in her ʧudɔr, Lien has only retained contact with one, a Protector called Sofía Kai, who was assigned to Leader protection detail in Golla. The two meet up whenever their respective shifts allow to play sports together. Despite Sofía's physical advantages (at least 20 centimetres of height and 15 kilos in mass), Lien's natural aptitudes make the contests closer than an outsider would guess. As is common for Xahians of the same caste who socialise regularly, the two often engage in sexual activities, although both would rather find new partners to share.
Year of Birth
10034 XC 29 Years old
Current Residence
tʌ / lu / sal
Light brown
Cropped short, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.32 metres
130 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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