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Home system of the Federation of Xah and birthplace of The Sevenfold Path. The Xahi system sits 272 lightyears from Sol. After the Amnesiac Virus disaster it was isolated for many long centuries, and it was this isolation, along with the unique nature of its main world, that led to the formation of the Sevenfold Path.    Since the advent of the FourDrive, and the rapid expansion of humanity, it has lost some of its political and technical importance in favour of other, more populated systems. It still retains important cultural significance for the Federation of Xah, and to be able to visit this sacred and important world is a desire of most Xahians, although most never achieve this goal.
Stellar Category     Official Star name: NN 3135
Spectral Class: K
    Geography   Total system population: 18,835,412,722,043
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