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The Summoning of Sgt. Kill Flayer

A monster rampages between the walls of Mended Axe and the Bastion of Borthakar. The hardened warriors of Winter's Horde refuse to meet the mindless beast in battle.

The barbaric brute in question is none other than the famous Sgt. Kill Flayer. Sgt. Kill Flayer's mind has been stolen and his body is rampaging. His famous smile and cutting wit have been replaced by guttural growls and his legendary axe.

My old friend Patrol-orc Kill Flayer told me that I could call on him for help whenever I needed him! Well the Soul Stealer Gang was trying to catch me and I called him in with my pocket ball! He came in and beat up the bad guys for me, but now he won't stop fighting!

I think something came through with Sarge, or something got lost in between. We need to help him out before he loses his mind forever!

Kill Flayer Ghost Boy Chronicles #100, The Summoning of Sgt. Kill Flayer by Chris L - Heroforge
Kill Flayer & Ghost Boy Chronicles #1, Spectral Secrets of the Concordance by Chris L - Heroforge

Another Spooktober adventure idea from my world that you could use in your own world with minor changes! I'm making these system agnostic with lots of room for tweaking.

Spooktober 2023
Generic article | Nov 3, 2023

My Hub for the Spooktober 2023 prompts. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, just getting into the vibe! I'm thinking a mixture of RPG prompts, stories, poems, and drawings. Let's see!

Cryptic Map of the Zone

A mystery map of unknown and cryptic origins made by an awesome cartographer!

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Oh no, poor Sgt Kill Flayer! D:

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