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Bloodhunt: The Crimson Harvest

The Dusk Patrol & Ghost Boy

The bloodless corpses of a wide variety of sophonts have been discovered all around the Zone. They all bear the distinctive bite marks of vampires, a clear violation of the "Vampiric Compact."

The elders of the Blood Moon Covenant claim to know nothing about the murders. They also seek the rogues who threaten the status of vampires in the Zone.

The Dusk Patrol are in trouble! I've been looking for them for days and I can't find them! They're the strongest and bestest people that I know. I'm worried that something really bad has happened.

I was supposed to meet them on the Gold side of the Mushroom Fields. I found some bloodless farmers, piles of ash with stakes in them and this: the blade of the Emerald Angel! She would never leave it behind willingly! I think the vampires got them and they're gonna do something bad!

I was going to track them, but a little Ghost Boy like me is too weak to fight something that could beat them! Will you help me find my friends!

The Dusk Patrol & Ghost Boy Adventures #1, Cursed Relics and Ethereal Allies by Chris L

The bloodless bodies of increasingly powerful beings have been found around the Zone for months. They include uniquely powerful mortals, creatures from other planes, and even supernatural beings. The elders of the vampire clans deny their involvement. They seem to be genuinely worried about the legal status of vampires in the Zone.

In defiance of their clan leaders, young vampires from across the clans have started a game that they call "Bloodhunt: the Crimson Harvest." They feel that the Vampiric Compact and the existence of Blood Bars denies their natural right to feed on anything they wish.

They have turned their feeding into a competition, the more exotic or rare the blood, the more points they get. A group of lucky vampires have managed to capture the powerful adventuring group known as the Dusk Patrol. Young rogue vampires gather from across the Zone to witness and perhaps particitpate in the "Dusk Patrol Banquet."

The party is in a desperate race to find the location of the ritual, infiltrate the vampires, and release the heroes.

Another Spooktober adventure idea from my world that you could use in your own world with minor changes! I'm making these system agnostic with lots of room for tweaking.

Spooktober 2023
Generic article | Nov 3, 2023

My Hub for the Spooktober 2023 prompts. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, just getting into the vibe! I'm thinking a mixture of RPG prompts, stories, poems, and drawings. Let's see!

Cryptic Map of the Zone

A mystery map of unknown and cryptic origins made by an awesome cartographer!

Cover image: by Chris L


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