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A Crow in Kirinal: Black, White, and Red

The Crow & Ghost Boy

A rich man with from a powerful house has built his third mansion on the banks of the Gold Arrow River. The land was purchased after the previous home burned down and the owners, a painter and fisher, disappeared mysteriously.

Every morning, the new manor's walls have been painted red and the lord's servants paint over it before he can see it. The seneschal of the house seeks anyone who can end the vandalism and will pay handsomely.

I could feel the anger from the ghost. The one with the paints looking for the ring. It throbbed like a skinned knee. (I remember from when I had knees!)

I remember when she was alive. She would paint portraits of her lady friend with all the colors of the Zone!

She had a ring! She wanted to pop the question. The next time I saw her she was a ghost like me. But she was mad and all black and white. All the color had been taken from her. Now she only wants to paint in red.

I don't want my friend to be angry anymore. Can you help her see the other colors again?

The Crow. Black, White, and Red by Chris L - Heroforge
The Crow Portrait Painter by Chris L - Heroforge

Raise the Home on the River

Stop me if you've heard this story before.

Crows bring the souls of the dead to their fate.

Some are too angry or in love to go.

Sometimes they get stuck.

They can't let go of the burdens of life.

Most fade with a whimper into the void.

Sometimes something hears their cries for vengeance.

And the dead get a chance to make things right.

She painted with a rainbow of colors.

Her lover fished the Gold Arrow River.

The two maidens had rings for each other.

Together they were happy and in love.

They raised their home.

They raised their home.

Then the man in white and gold came.

To raise his home on the land they owned.

They laughed him out of their home.

Other men came in dark cloaks with white and gold underneath.

They razed their home.

They razed their home.

The dead painter haunts the new mansion's halls.

She paints with red on the white and gold walls.

A crow with two rings takes wing overhead.

Too angry to see, the maiden who's dead.

She'll raze his home.

She'll raze his home.

Another Spooktober adventure idea from my world that you could use in your own world with minor changes! I'm making these system agnostic with lots of room for tweaking.

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My Hub for the Spooktober 2023 prompts. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, just getting into the vibe! I'm thinking a mixture of RPG prompts, stories, poems, and drawings. Let's see!

Cryptic Map of the Zone

A mystery map of unknown and cryptic origins made by an awesome cartographer!

Cover image: A Crow in Kirinal Header by Chris L - Heroforge


Author's Notes

In case you can't guess from the article, I'm a huge fan of "The Crow". I had the comics before the movie came out. As a huge Bruce Lee fan, I was beyond excited when Brandon Lee was cast as Eric Draven. The real-life tragedy that ensued were formative for me in my early twenties and I hold the movie that came out of it in high esteem.

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Oct 3, 2023 00:15 by E. Christopher Clark

I love all of this, and not just because I adore the movie version of The Crow, too.

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Oct 3, 2023 01:07 by Chris L

Thank you! I figured it'd be right in your wheelhouse!

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