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Session 36: The Annual Aurumopolis Golden Gala Report

General Summary

The Aurumopolis Golden Gala

The session opens with the Pit Patrol's attendance at the Annual Aurumopolis Golden Gala. Co-sponsored by the Bayani-Sun Casino, the event takes place in the grand ballroom of the Aurumopolis Opera House. The Profit House's watchful eyes are drawn to Lady Seraphena Syren, the enigmatic representative of House Molndal. Oyxuysi, after remaining in the shadows, steps forth into the Gala's vibrant social sphere. Meanwhile, Profit Holden exhibits particular interest in Seraphena, setting the stage for intricate interactions.

Crypto Investments

Amid the glamour of the Gala, financial developments take center stage. D'Wat and T-R01D's initial investment of 200 gold pieces in the Profit House triples, adding a layer of intrigue to their financial endeavors. Profit Holden, in a surprising move, extends an enticing offer to the Pit Patrol: Profit House membership for a mere 21,000 Bilog, raising suspicions of a potential pyramid scheme. The discovery of a ciphered bill of lading, signed by Sly Spencer and obtained through D'Wat's skillful pickpocketing, introduces a cryptic mystery.

Shadows of Vigilance

The Gala is not without shadows, as news of the Vigilance, a mysterious vigilante, surfaces. This enigmatic figure targets Profit Houses, the Church of the Sun & Moon, and House Molndal, aiming to expose corruption within the city. The Vigilance introduces an element of city-wide unrest and the potential for unexpected alliances or conflicts.

Warlock Whispers

A chance encounter with Magister Necromancer Strohilde Sanguine reveals potential warlock patrons for T-R01d: the Tambanakua and Shothragot, an Elder Evil of Tharizdun from the Forgotten Realms. This revelation sets the stage for T-R01d's potential entanglement with cosmic forces. Profit Holden's fascination with Oyxuysi, emphasizing his high regard for dragons, hints at deeper motivations.

Internal Struggles of the Patriarch

Patriarch Carl Malmstrom, a figure torn between loyalty to money, power, and House Molndal, grapples with internal conflicts. His struggle unfolds against the backdrop of the Gala, showcasing the complexity of his character and the challenges faced by a leader torn between conflicting allegiances.

Lady Seraphena's Quest

The entrance of Lady Seraphena Syren, representative of House Molndal and a member of the Blood Moon Covenant, introduces a mysterious quest. Her search for Valentine, the King of Vampires, adds an overarching plot thread that could have far-reaching consequences in the campaign. The Blood Moon Covenant's quest reveals the depth of hidden forces within the city.

Lady Korda GoldGoldmaster's Schemes

Prisoner Thirteen, appearing under her true name, Lady Korda GoldGoldmaster, attends the Gala with multifaceted motives. Using her telepathic powers, she gathers secrets from the minds of drunken nobles and socialites. Her dual agenda involves seeking trade connections for her family's business in Kaneyama and amassing blackmail material for future use.

Patrollers on Promenade

As the Gala reaches its climax, the Pit Patrol emerges victorious in a dance contest, showcasing their diverse talents beyond combat. This light-hearted moment fosters a sense of camaraderie among the characters, offering a brief respite from the political intricacies and looming threats.

Elemental Exploration - Giants of the Fire Plane

The following day sees the Pit Patrol venturing into the Plane of Fire within the Manifest. Encountering fire giants with a unique philosophy, the Patrol engages in a potential conflict turned alliance. T-R01d's proposal for cooperation with Zenith Aastrika and her Sunlight Legion introduces unexpected dynamics, including a hinted romantic spark between the warforged and the fire giant monk.
Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Report Date
14 Oct 2023

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