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Murder in Kha'r

This is a short adventure intended for adventurers around Level 5. It is designed for the mechanics of D&D 5e and the lore of Seven Seas. It has a murder mystery vibe, where the party must both identify the killer and make a case for why they are correct. This adventure is investigation, story, and problem-solving heavy, with only a small amount of combat.  


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The Party
While this adventure can be tackled by any combination of characters, a set of 5 pre-made adventurers are provided at the bottom of this page to get you started. The instructions and text are provided for the GM assuming that the party will be using the provided characters. While some suggestions are made for substitution, a GM wishing to run this adventure with fewer than 5 players or a different set of characters entirely will need to plan ahead for modifications. If you are running this adventure with your own characters, you should keep an eye out for mouseover superscripts like this for DCs or other information you may need.  
The Setting
For play optimization, everyone should read at least the homepage and world meta. Players should brush up on any articles and lore directly related to their characters' species, homelands, etc. Suggested reading for premade characters is included in their bios. The GM should read through the adventure to the end and make sure to check out any recommended or supplemental reading as the adventure goes along.  

Set the Scene

It is summer in Mare'n, and each of you have found yourselves in the capital city of Kha'r. Summer here is hot and humid, but it feels particularly sticky and miserable today. You've found your way to the amphitheater in the center of the city, where you've heard rumors there will be mages specifically hired to create cool breezes to accompany the festival. Whether you are interested in the performances or not, a few hours of less opressive conditions should be worth it.

The amphitheater floor is round, made with blocks of Mare'n's famous Hillstone that have been worn smooth with centuries of use, and an inlaid Vasati design. The terraced levels rise all around the floor, built of the same stone, and landscaped with soft grass and towering jungle trees that offer shade. Water flows downwards alongside the terrances and disappears into drains along the edge of the ampitheater floor. It is a green oasis in the arid Mare'n plains. It's crowded, but you find a seat after some searching.
Show your players the map of the amphitheater. Have the party pick a terrace to sit on. You can just them pick, or you can roll and assign them to a spot. If they want, they can interact amongst themselves. For your part, extrapolate on who is performing - singers, storytellers, acrobats? Spend a couple of minutes on this as well as asking/answering any questions you or your players may have about backstories and current events.

Act 1

Tyrell and Rina notice about halfway through the performance that there are city guardspeople starting to systematically work their way down the terraces, looking for someone or something ***. If they choose to investigate further, it will be a roll for insight. For anyone who is familiar with Kha'r and Mare'n (Isha and Halim), the DC to notice something unusual might be happening is 12. For anyone unfamiliar with with Kha'r and Mare'n (Tyrell, Rina, and Lucky) the DC is 16.
While you have been noticing the guardspeople, they have been steadily moving down and around the amphitheater. There is a guard left at the top of each staircase, and pairs of guardspeople moving across the terraces. A set of guards arrives at your terrace. The female guard takes a careful look at each of you before holding up a piece of paper and pointing to what's written on it. The male guard nods and says, sternly, "Please state your names and your business in Kha'r."
If the party chooses to tell the truth, move to The Arrest of Halim Wildwalker.

If any member of the party chooses to lie, that player should roll deception. If all necessary deception rolls are 16 or above, move to The Arrest of Halim Wildwalker. If anyone rolls below a 16, move to The Arrest of the Party.

The Arrest of Halim Wildwalker
After the party either truthfully tells the guards who they are and why they are in Kha'r, or successfully deceives them about it, the pair of guardspeople arrest Halim, for questioning about the murder of Hadosh Nightweaver, member of the First Council. The guardspeople will not answer any more questions, but tell the party they can meet them at the guard station to speak to their captain. If anyone resists or attempts to fight, the rest of the guardspeople will come to aid the pair and take everyone into custody. If only Halim is arrested, it is up to the players why everyone chooses to go to the station. Have they bonded during the performance? Rabid curiosity? Sense of responsibility? The guardspeople will not answer any questions on their way to the guard station. Proceed to Act 2.

The Arrest of the Party
When someone attempts to deceive the guards, the male guard raises a hand to summon reinforcements and the entire party is taken into custody for questioning about the murder of Hadosh Nightweaver, member of the First Council. The guardspeople will not answer any questions on their way to the guard station. Proceed to Act 2.

Act 2

Kha'r is one of the only real cities in Mare'n, and it is very distinctive. The locals have been generally unwilling to expand outwards into their vast plain homelands, so the earthen-clay built buildings are packed densely into most of the city, and often stacked on top of each other, creating deep narrow alleyways. The native clay is naturally a very dark color, so the buildings are almost all painted in varying shades of a pale blue wash that helps keep temperatures down.

You don't have to go very far. The Guard Post is tucked into the second story of a nearby building, above a bakery that is quiet now but shows signs of doing bustling breakfast and lunch business. You are escorted up a narrow set of stairs and into a tiny vestibule, and then through heavy double doors into a waiting room filled with chairs, where they leave anyone who hasn't been taken into custody. Halim, as well as anyone else who has been arrested, are taken further. You're swept quickly along but manage to see that the first room was a work space, filled with desks, tables, and chairs; the next was a cozy and inviting space full of couches and chairs and a kitchen (and two guardspeople in it and then you arrive in a room with three holding cells, the middle one of which you are deposited into. Before you're locked away, you see that the leftmost cell has at least one other occupant, who is peering curiously at you. Without saying much, the guards leave.
The Guard Station
Open the spoiler buttons below as needed for detailed descriptions of the rooms of the Guard Station. 1 - Vestibule
You step into a tiny room, about 5 feet by 20 feet, through a door at the dtop of the stairs. On the far wall there is a set of heavy wooden double doors, and to your right there is a single heavy locked door. There is a mage-light lighting the room. The floors are washed blue and the floor is a wood washed gray with time.
2 - Armory
If you open the locked single door in the vestibule (DC13 to pick the lock or smash down the door), you find the guard station's small armory on the other side. It is long and narrow, about 5 feet by 25 feet, and crowded with various arms and armor.
3&4 - Waiting Room
Beyond the double doors located in the vestibule, you find a waiting room with 8 leather chairs arranged around a blue rug. The room and its contents are clean and tidy, if time-worn. There is a single, cheerful and healthy houseplant in the corner. There is a narrow, short hallway along the front wall that contains a door that opens to a well-equipped washroom. This room has windows that let in a at least a little light from the alley, and the blue-washed walls and gray wood floors continue here as throughout the building. A single locked door is in the far wall.
5&6 - Workroom
From the waiting room you enter what is clearly a room equipped as a workroom or crowded office. There are desks and tables in various states of clealiness scattered around the room, as well as several bookshelves full of books and files. A few extra chairs are shoved up agains the wall, waiting for someone to need them. Directly across from the entrance door is a second, matching door.
7 - Lounge
The next room in the building immediately feels crowded, but also cozy. To your left is a rag tag collection of chairs, couches, floor cushions, and a bed. To your right is a round table surrounded by stools and a kitchen area full of cabinets and a sink. The floor is covered nearly entirely with rugs. A door to your right in the kitchen area opens to a well-equipped washroom. A final, locked and iron-banded door, is located in the far wall.
8 - Holding
This last door opens to show a narrow front walkway that allows access to three holding cells, each about 15 by 15 feet. The front wall of each cell is floor-to-ceiling bars, with a metal-barred gate door in the middle. Each cell itself contains a wooden bench on the left wall, a bunkbed and small table on the back wall, a large floor rug, and a chamberpot. A large opening with bars inset is located in the two separating walls, making the whole space fairly open and un-claustrophobic but also basically eliminating any potential privacy.
Investigation by the Free
Now that they have their person(s) of interest in custody, are more willing to gossip with the party. If the party is being non-confrontational, all but the pair of guards who came to their terrace in the amphitheater will return to their patrols; if the party has resisted arrest to been otherwise troublesome, the GM can choose to have one or both of the other pairs of guards stay as well. The rest of the party can, of course, be arrested at any time...well. Anyway. Information from the guards as listed below can be obtained by characters who make a DC10 check in persuasion or investigation or a DC15 in deception. Isha*** can roll with advantage.
  • This is one of six guard stations in the city: there is a second in the Trade District, one in the Gate District (this is the headquarters), one that serves the Open Market, one in the Great Library, and one in the Formal District.
  • The Guard Captain is on her way from her station.
  • The guards have both a sketch and a written description of the person who supposedly murdered Hadosh Nightweaver, and Halim matches both descriptions.
  • There are 30 guards assigned to this station, broken into three shifts of 10. For each shift 6 of the guards are on active duty, two are on station duty unless called to answer to an emergency, and two are off-duty.
  • The three shifts are day, evening, and night. Each shift is 9.5 hours with an overlapping 15 minutes at the beginning and end of shift except night shift, which has an extra 15 minutes. Day shift is 7:45 until 17:15, Evening is 17:00-26:30, and Night is 26:15-8:00. These are the shifts across the city.
  • The guards' names, Juma and Firat Rathdin. They are of the same Tribe but not otherwise related.
  • The two guards from this station on station duty are in the station somewhere (but won't appear unless the characters cause a ruckus).
  • Guards came over from the other Trade District guard station to help with the raid on the Amphitheater.
If any characters roll at least a DC18 in their check, the guardspeople might also reveal that Hadosh wasn't very well liked as a councilman. Rumor has it his tribe was already intending to replace him soon.
The Stranger in Holding
Meanwhile, Halim and anyone else who was arrested can speak to the other person in holding. A DC10 check in persuasion, investigation, or DC15 in deception will allow them to learn the following:
  • Her name is Evri (she doesn't give you a tribal name).
  • She is also a person of interest in the death of Hadosh.
  • She thinks Hadosh was a "useless old birdbrain".
  • She "doesn't think you look like the suspect at all".
If the character rolls a DC15 in persuasion or investigation or a DC18 in deception, Evri might tell them to check out The Ugly Pony Inn & Tavern.
Arrival of the Guard Captain
The sound of feet on the stairs heralds the arrival of the Captain, followed by the distinct sound of the outer door before the inner double doors to the waiting room open, admitting three people. It becomes immediately obvious which of the them is in charge both by the way she holds herself and the way the pair accompanying her fall back differentially as she sweeps her gaze across the party and Juma and Firat, who have come to attention. You feel small and rather judged by her gaze. After she's had a hard look at everyone, she speaks to your guards. "Have you interviewed him?" she asks.

"No, ma'am," Firat answers for them both. "We thought it would be better to wait."

She nods, and then gestures at the door to the next room. "Bring them to the workroom, then, and we shall see."

"What about her?" Juma asks, somewhat hesitantly, and the Captain's mouth thins. "No. She can contemplate her choices a while longer."
If any of the party other than Halim were arrested, adjust the above text as needed. Regardless, the entire party is invited through the next set of doors to the workroom, along with the Captain and her companions, and the guards will retrieve Halim from holding. The other two station guards may be drawn also, curious about the commotion.
Firat is the one who retrieves Halim from his holding cell, though Juma stand somewhat tensely in the doorway. When Firat and Halim come through the door, Juma pulls a chair out from the desk closest to the door and sets it in the center of the room, and Firat pushes down on Halim's shoulder until he agrees to sit in it. The rest of you are left to spread out, sitting or standing as you prefer, while the Captain takes up a position in from of Halim with one of her companions, a willowy dark man, stays at her shoulder.

"I am Captain Faidra Nightweaver," she drawls. "You match the description of a man standing accused of the murder of Councilman Hadosh Nightweaver. My officer will be casting a truthspell on all of you," she glances up to include the rest of the party, "I suggest you do not resist it. If you, I will assume you have something to hide." There is the briefest of pauses, and then the man at her shoulder makes an elegant gesture and speaks the spell, closing his eyes in concentration.
If you do not choose to resist, or resist and fail your charisma save (DC17), you can feel the truthspell take effect around you. It works similarly to 5e's "Zone of Truth"; with one major difference: while it still has a 15ft radius outside, it will fill a room of up to 1500ft2. Characters affected by this spell cannot deliberately speak a lie, but can choose not to speak.

Faidra will interrogate the party, most particularly Halim, about the murder. Some questions she might ask depending on how the conversation goes include, but are by no means limited to, the following:
  • Did you murder Hadosh Nightweaver?
  • Did you ever interact with Hadosh Nightweaver?
  • Have you had any recent dealings with the Nightweaver tribe?
  • What is your business in Kha'r?
  • Have you been involved in any plot or conspiracy to harm or murder a member of the First Council?
  • Do you or did you have any ill-will towards Hadosh or any member of the First Council?
  • Do you have any reason to suspect any of your companions of having any ill-will towards Hadosh or any member of the First Council?
  • Have you committed any crimes while you've been in Kha'r?
Before the end of questioning, Faidra's second companion, who is shockingly pale for anyone native to Mare'n, will ask:
  • Have you ever visited Sara's Apothecary?
  • What do you know about the Circle of Eyes?
When they've obviously run out of questions, a frustrated Faidra gestures curtly at her mage, and the truthspell stops abruptly. For the first time in a few minutes, everyone feels like they can take a deep breath. The Captain pulls a folded paper from her pocket, unfolds it, and stares hard at Halim. Most of you can catch a glimpse of it over her shoulder - and it's true the resemblance is uncanny. "I can't hold any of you," she says, "but I don't believe you aren't involved. Don't leave the city, and make sure my guards know where to find you." She rubs her temples, looking tired, and says to your guards, "Keep looking, and keep an eye on these ones. They seem innocent, but this sketch would say otherwise."

And with that, she turns and sweeps out of the room, her companions following, leaving the rest of you standing in awkward silence.
Juma and Firat will gather information from the party on where they can be found later, as per Faidra's instructions, or set up check-in times. Some suggestions for what the party might want to do next include: investigate further at the guard station, visit the Ugly Pony, visit the apothecary, or try to find the crime scene.

Act 3

Investigate Further at the Station
While the guards are happy to discuss inoffensive things such as current events and how Kha'r operates with the party, they will be extremely reluctant to devulge any other information specifically about the investigation at this time. They will not voluntarily allow the party into any rooms beyond the workroom they are already in, or allow them to speak to Evri again. If the party wants to try to attack them, a generic Guard


Medium Any Humanoid Race Usually guard (may be formerly military/mercenary), Any

Armor Class 16 (chain shirt)
Hit Points 11 (2d8+2) 2d8+2
Speed 30ft Swim: 10ft Climb: 15ft


13 +1


12 +1


12 +1


10 +0


11 +0


10 +0

Skills Perception +2 1d20+2
Languages Usually Common (depends on Race chosen)
Challenge Rating 1/8


Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20/60 ft., one target. 1d20+3 Hit: 4 (1d6+1) piercing damage 1d6+1 , or 5 (1d8+1) piercing damage if used with two hands to make a melee attack. 1d8+1

statblock is recommended. If the party successfully incapacitates the four guards, you can use information found listed below. They have about 4 hours left before other guards come for shift change, and a 1d6 chance that guards will come back early for some reason, with 1-4 being safe and 5-6 resulting in the guards returning in some manner (GM's choice).

Visit the Ugly Pony
The Ugly Pony is a popular inn and tavern located in the Gate District of Kha'r, serving locals and travelers. Despite its name, the Ugly Pony is a warm and welcoming place, known for its hearty food, strong drinks, and lively atmosphere. The walls are adorned with horse-themed decorations and local art, and the sound of music and laughter fills the air. The Ugly Pony is the perfect place for weary travelers to rest and refuel after a long journey or for locals to gather and unwind after a hard day's work.

The Ugly Pony is a two-story building, with the tavern and kitchen on the ground floor and the inn rooms on the second floor. The tavern is divided into several cozy rooms, each with its own fireplace and seating area. The bar is located in the center of the main room, and there is a small stage for live music and entertainment in one corner. The inn rooms are located upstairs and are comfortable and well-maintained, coming in various sizes and layouts. The group settles in a quiet corner booth to converse and plan, but before they can do much, they're interrupted by Evri dramatically flinging herself into their booth. "UGH," she laments, "I thought you would NEVER get here. We have SO MUCH to discuss."
Click here for the map of The Ugly Pony
Evri has a proposal for the party to work with her organization, the Circle of Eyes. She is very interested in helping them prove Halim's innocence, and in conjunction, her own. She offers some information to the party freely, while other tidbits they must mine from clever interrogation.
Whatever the party decides, when they go to leave the Ugly Pony, they are ambushed by a trio of cloaked assasins


Medium Humanoid (any race) , Any

Armor Class 15 (Studded Armor)
Hit Points 78 12d8+24
Speed 30ft Swim: 10ft Climb: 15ft


11 +0


16 +3


14 +2


13 +1


11 +0


10 +0

Saving Throws Dex d20+6 , Int d20+4
Skills Acrobatics d20+6 , Deception d20+3 , Perception d20+3 , Stealth d20+9
Damage Resistances Poison
Senses Passive perception 13
Languages Thieves' Cant + Any two
Challenge Rating 8


Trained in the use of poison, assassins are remorseless killers who work for nobles, guild masters, sovereigns, and anyone else who can afford them.

Assassinate. During its first turn, the assassin has advantage on attack rolls against any creature that hasn't taken a turn. Any hit the assassin scores against a surprised creature is a critical hit.   Evasion. If the assassin is subjected to an effect that allows it to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, the assassin instead takes no damage if it succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if it fails.   Sneak Attack. Once per turn, the assassin deals an extra 14 4d6 damage when it hits a target with a weapon attacking has advantage on the attack roll, or when the target is within 5 ft of an ally of the assassin that isn't incapacitated and the assassin doesn't have disadvantage on the attack roll.      


Multiattack. The assassin makes two shortsword attacks.   Shortsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit d20+6 , reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 1d6+3 piercing damage, and the target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 24 7d6 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.    Light Crossbow. Ranged Weapon Attack:+6 to hit d20+6 , reach 80/320 ft., one target. Hit: 7 1d8+3 piercing damage, and the target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 24 7d6 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.

. These assassins try to kill all of them. They will attempt to run if they become too threatened, and will begin to suffocate if captured & questioned. If released they will flee, if continually questioned, they will die. If they are searched, the party will find a generic amount of coins and good-quality armor and weapons, but nothing to identify them.

Visit Sara's Apothecary
Tucked into the third story of a building accessible only by narrow alley is Sara's Apothecary. The unassuming door is bleached gray wood inscribed with symbols and sigils from all imaginable languages and some you don't recognize. The sign simply reads 'Sara's', and hours listed below that as 'open when we're open'. The only other sign on the door is, oddly, an advertisement for The Ugly Pony. The door opens easily to your touch and you get the immediate impression of chaos. The room is lit through gauzy partially transparent fabric hung along the ceiling. Every surface is packed with stuff, and you get the impression some of it might just be floating in place by sheer willpower. As you try to make sense of it, you realize there is probably a system, it's just so crowded that it would take weeks to figure out what that system really is. In the back corner, there is a piece of furniture you think must be a counter rather than a product display (though honestly, you aren't sure of that). There is a figure hunched over a book behind the counter, who glances up when the door closes behind you with a tinkle of bells. They are, to your surprise, completely dark green, with fins for ears. "Hello," her voice is gravelly, "Can I help you?"
If the party came without Evri, the Marelis woman will be polite, but unhelpful. She is incredibly shy, and might tell the party nothing about herself or maybe just her name. If the party asks too many questions, she may simply ask them to leave. She claims not to know where her boss - Sara - is, or when she will return. Almost any legal potion, ingredient, crystal, herb, etc. can be found here in some variety but the party won't find anything suspicious unless someone rolls a relevant DC22 check. If there is something untoward happening here, they don't find it. If they attempt to force their way, activate trap.

If the party came with Evri, the girl behind the counter is happy to see her friend; she locks the front door and takes them to see Sara in the back room. Evri and Sara address the marelis girl by the name Imele; Sara and Imele are married and very affectionate. Sara does know the plant used to kill Hadosh; however, she says she has not sold any. It is very rare, and she thinks she could help you find the source if you brought her a sample. She says guards have been by to see her, describing the very pale guard that was with Captain Faidra, but she doesn't think they knew what they were looking for and she didn't tell them. She says the pale guard's companion (who was not the truthspell mage in the guard station) was aggressive and xenophobic.

Investigate the Crime Scene
If the party tries to investigate the crime scene by themselves, they will have to sneak or fight past a rotating two-person guard shift, unlock the spell-sealed door, and then face the challenges inside. If they have collected Evri first, she will take them back to the guard station, to enlist the aid of the guards who are also members of the Circle of Eyes, who with her vouching for them are willing to get them past the guards on duty as well as divulge more information about the investigation:

Hadosh Nightweaver was murdered in his office in the Formal District. The only evidence of foul play was the presence of the deadly plant known as Moonfire Flower, so named because if too much of the pollen of the night-blooming flower is inhaled, it feels like your lungs are on fire, and if you do not get immediately treated, your lungs will seize up and you will die. It is unlikely that Hadosh, a plant enthusiast whose home and office are full of rare plants, would have not recognized the plant, which is why foul play is suspected.

Hadosh's Office Map (Player Version) | Hadosh's Office Map (Revealed/GM Version)

Clues (found in office or divulged by guard, as appropriate):
  • The plant has a pretty bow on it.
  • In the trash can, there are several partially-written and then disposed of letters to the person who will be taking Hadosh's place with the First Council. They aren't friendly.
  • There is a secret drawer in the desk (DC12 to find), and inside, the party finds lots of letters to Hadosh from what seems like a small radical sect who want to force all foreigners out of Kha'r, and drafts of legislation he was planning to introduce that would do so, as well as documentation of supporting or covering up hate crimes and other discrimination. He has an encoded list of names and addresses (DC 15 or appropriate time to decode if decoded, they are a list of those who were helping him, including other councilpeople and guards. There is also a strange list of books.
The Trap:
  • If for any reason anyone moves the Moonfire Blossom plant, a trap is triggered, locking them inside the office.
  • Once the trap is triggered, writing appears on the locked door that says: ""In this room, secrets hide. Behind the books, a passage to find. Rearrange them, left to right, and you'll escape before the night."
  • When the trap is triggered, roll a d4. That is how many hours the party has to solve the riddle before the plant starts emitting poisonous pollen.
  • The plant has been magically altered so that it will grow new flowers and 'spit' the pollen into the room if triggered.
  • They must put all of the books on the bookshelf in the list order from the paper in the secret drawer. If they do so, a secret escape passage will open behind the bookshelf.
  • If the time elapses from the earlier dice roll before the puzzle is solved, characters must make a DC 10 constitution saving throw or become incapacitated and take 5 damage. Each 5 minutes after that, incapacitated characters take another 5 damage and unaffected characters make a DC 15 save or become affected.

The Finale

With all of the information gathered, the party and their allies must decide: who murdered Hadosh? What more is there to this story? When they are confident in their answers, they should present them to Captain Faidra, and persuade her that they are correct and she should close the investigation. Based on your party and their roleplaying preferences, you can choose how this happens mechanically. If they persuade the Captain of a wrong answer, or correctly solve the mystery, they receive a formal apology from the City Guard. More satisfying, they're invited to the headquarters of the Circle of Eyes for a celebratory feast, which the Circle is hosting to celebrate the safe appointment of Hadosh's replacement, who just happens to be a Circle member.

Other information you can give out, plant in locations, or have characters discover that might be helpful:

What actually happened?
Players, even if you've read everything else, don't open this spoiler!
Hadosh was conspiring with his nefarious friends to murder his replacement, by leaving behind the trapped Moonfire Blossom plant. However, somehow he managed to inhale the plant himself, and was unable to get help before he died.
Plot type
Adventure: One-Shot
Related Organizations
Related Locations
Header Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels


The Amphitheater in Kha'r
The City of Kha'r
Guard Station
The Ugly Pony
Hadosh's Office (Player Version)
Hadosh's Office (GM Version)

Other Tidbits

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Moonfire Flower
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Appendix A: Character Information

Character Premades
Isha Wildwalker
Vasati Paladin
Halim Wildwalker
Human Bard
Lucky Toniasul
Dracanis Druid
Tyrell Danvers
Human Cleric
Rina Vernier
Human Fighter

Name: Isha Wildwalker
Race: Vasati
Class: Oath of Vengeance Paladin
From: United Tribes of Mare'n
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (Young Adult)
Virtues: Loyal, Patient, Thorough
Vices: Vengeful, Inflexible, Obsessive

Isha Wildwalker hails from the Wildwalker Tribe on Almas Island. Shortly before Isha came of age, she and her year-mates were out on their own, on the southern shores of the island, when they were attacked by a party of unknown assailants who had docked their vessel and come ashore. Out of the eight of them, four were slain and two were kidnapped, leaving only Isha and Halim having escaped. Isha, who had previously been training as a healer, changed careers and trained with the tribe's trackers and warriors. When she came of age and was allowed, she officially swore an Oath of Vengeance as a Paladin.

Isha's Oath as a paladin is to find or avenge her lost year-mates. However, she is also dedicated to protecting Halim as he follows a similar path, so they travel together.

Click here to open Isha's character sheet: Isha Wildwalker.

Name: Halim Wildwalker
Race: Human
Class: Bard
From: United Tribes of Mare'n
Gender: Male
Age:23 (Young Adult)
Virtues: Creative, Discerning, Tactful
Vices: Lazy, Stingy, Moody

Halim Wildwalker hails from the Wildwalker Tribe on Almas Island. Shortly before Halim came of age, he and his year-mates were out on their own, on the southern shores of the island, when they were attacked by a party of unknown assailants who had docked their vessel and come ashore. Out of the eight of them, four were slain (including Halim's twin brother, Yan) and two were kidnapped, leaving only Isha and Halim having escaped.

Halim was already studying as a tribal Storyteller when the tragedy happened, and he finished his initial training. He learns all of the tribal histories, but also has a particular interest in learning the oral histories of Outlanders, hoping to hear something that will give them a clue about their missing year-mates. He is in Kha'r in particular to learn from the Elders.

Click here to open Halim's character sheet: Halim Wildwalker.

Name: Vikkandro "Lucky" Toniasul
Race: Dracanis
Class: Circle of Land Druid
From: Ossksulian Protectorate
Gender: Male
Age: 120 (Young Adult)
Virtues: Attentive, Gentle, Perceptive
Vices: Stubborn, Secretive, Hesitant

Lucky was a rare single birth among his people, and so always felt a little isolated amongst his peers with their close clutch-sibling relationships. What's more, when he was very young his birth-parent died of a mysterious infection which he survived, earning him his use-name. As soon as he came of age, Lucky set off on his own as an adventurer.

Lucky is a scholar, dedicated to the study of dracanic illnesses and their cures. A rumor of a strange fungi that might cause symptoms similar to what killed his birth-parent has brought him to Kha'r.

Click here to open Lucky's character sheet: Lucky Toniasul.

Name: Tyrell Danvers
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
From: The Kingdom of Delryn
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (Young Adult)
Virtues: Benevolent, Empathetic, Optimistic
Vices: Indecisive, Promiscuous, Zealous

The third child of a Delrynian noble family, Tyrell was far younger than his siblings and never at risk of being named heir. He chose instead to pledge himself to a life of religious service and became Mosenim, specifically a part of the Wandering Order; in essence, a professional travelling cleric.

Tyrell lives for the adventure of travel and is insatiably curious. He is in Kha'r both to perform his duties for any Senarians who happened to be there, and to seek safe passage deeper into Mare'n.

Click here to open Tyrell's character sheet: Tyrell Danvers.

Name: Altrina "Rina" Vernier
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
From: The Kingdom of Delryn
Gender: Female
Age: 36 (Adult)
Virtues: Tenacious, Reliable, Bold
Vices: Reckless, Ruthless, Standoffish

Rina serves the Danvers family as her parents do and her grandparents did before her. She knew from a young age she would likely be pledged to service of the youngest son Tyrell, and was raised alongside him. When he was 12 and Rina was 20, she officially pledged herself to his protection, and thus followed him to his clergy training and beyond. She is genuinely fond of her charge, much like an older sister, and very protective of him though she can be quite reckless with her own well-being.

Rina goes where Tyrell goes, and thus she too is in Kha'r.

Click here to open Rina's character sheet: Altrina "Rina" Vernier.
Select a character tab above to learn more about the provided characters for this adventure. Each character has a picture and short bio as well as a ready-to-go character sheet. Each character has basic starting equipment but also has some amount of gold for players to customize their starting equipment if they wish.

A few notes on character creation or adventure challenges if the players choose to play with existing characters or make their own:
  • The Tribespeople don't have a great relationship with the Empire and its subsidiaries. Characters from the Empire, Staton, Heirin, and humans from Oskksul are viewed with greater suspicion and might be at a disadvantage.
  • While many Tribespeople do speak Common, it is not their primary language. Most interactions between natives will take place in Tribal/Vasati.

Guards & Townspeople
Juma Rathdin
Occupation: City Guardswoman
Race: Vasati | Gender: Female
Firat Rathdin
Occupation: City Guardsman
Race: Vasati | Gender: Male

Leader of his guard station.
Hadosh Nightweaver
Occupation: Councilman
Race: Vasati | Gender: Male

Faidra Nightweaver
Occupation: Guard Captain
Race: Vasati | Gender: Female
Occupation: Unknown
Race: Vasati | Gender: Female
Companion 1
Occupation: City Guardsman
Race: Human | Gender: Male

Companion 2
Occupation: City Guardswoman
Race: Human | Gender: Nonbinary
Imele Hanuik Martuksul
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Race: Marelis | Gender: Female
Sara Martuksul
Occupation: Shopkeeper
Race: Dracanis | Gender: Hermaphrodite


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