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This was a hydra written in 5 mintes. Don't expect much :D
  Wireflyn are biomechanical monstrositties that make their homes in the endless tangle of writes and cables that form Lagashs power and en√≠nfiogrmation grid. They are common pests, hunted and hated but everpresent. nothing seems to put much of a dent in their number and not even the wardens for all their technology seems to be able to be able to do much about the. wireflies life off of information and electricity, feeding from cables and grids. They are biomechanical scavengers, agumenting themselves from birth with whatever scrap they can come across, able to inteegerate all kinds of tech with their bodies. this occasionally make sthem incredibly dangerous, as they are more than cabale of integrating even with weapons and armos. Some particularly fearsome and famous epcimin have even come across warden gear to steal, but these are hunted relentlessly by everyone, for various obvious treasons   the smallest fly is the size of a dog - the largest like a tiger. they are dangerou, omnivoresous and murderous, foul-tempered and angry, territorial and constantly moving about. Everyone hates the wirefly, and for good reason. Almost everyone in lagash can claim at at least one scar or fright inflicted on them by a wire fly. even nobles, usaually safe and ensconded within the spire, are not safe - the wireflies are a constant pest, working their ways ito the spire through meinantance ducts and airways, or biting severing connections from inside to the outside - in one notable instance causing the death of an entire noble line by ruining air conditioning necessary to keep them from all choking to death on poisonous fumes. In that case, the wires flies were at least celebrated for a little.   There are billions of wire flies in lagash. They breed in decript old technology, infesting iron and electricity like weaveles. The eggs are biomechanical, looking like a cross between an insects nest of eggs and a battery. They are not eddible, but some people make them into an electrically charged stew used to cruedly power technology - or play amazing pranks at people who deserve it. Nothing quite wakes someone up like a bucket of wire fly egg stew dropping on their heads from an unseen quarter.   Regardless of their hated appearance, wire flies are at least good for one thing - they appear to loath and hate xenomatter, destroying it rather than absorbing it, or fleeing when not able. On the other hand, sometimes the xenomatter will try to merge with the wirefly and make an unholy abomination of alien matter and stolen technology. These can band together, absorbing entire wire flies into themselves and become vast, terrying fthing of true terror. when these arise


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Dec 28, 2022 00:35 by Dani

This is both a terrifying critter and incredibly impressive writing speed. Way to tackle that 5-headed hydra! XD

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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