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When The Curtain fell, the material and conceptual world merged together and the geography of everything got very wonky. Memories, fears, and feelings started to influence the world around every traveling person, making it way harder to go anywhere, even to well-known places.   Traveling in groups is even worse, as every additional person influences the world in a different way, turning it into a Frankenstein's monster of warped lands. Because of that, some risk it by walking alone, but most decided to stop traveling anywhere. Even scouting missions became almost impossible as reports change from one person to another.   That's why Stabilizers are worth any price.  

The world stopped changing

It is unknown what gives them their ability. Is it the eidetic memory a lot of them possess? Their attachment to the world before the Extinction? Their down to earth approach? Or maybe something else? Whatever it is, the world around Stabilizers doesn't change. No matter how many people travel with them, how are they feeling that day or if there are Spirits that change the landscape with their presence. For Stabilizers, the road between point A and point B will always be the same.  

Guides in the world that ends

Most of the remaining settlements have one or two Stabilizers who work for them full time. There are some, who travel from one safe space to another, however, settling down is associated with regular meals and a place to sleep away from hostile Spirits. Stabilizers often use their talent to get rich quickly. Anyone is willing to pay if they get a 100% chance that they won't get lost when going for supplies. Even bandits and rogues tend to keep Stabilizer alive out of respect.
Self proclaimed
Alternative Naming
The Guides, Walkers
Current Holders

Area of influence

Most of the Stabilizers can influence 1 km of land around them in every direction. That means that as long as someone is inside that circle, they can enjoy the same world as everyone else within it. Once they take even one step outside that area, the world shifts back to being as chaotic as if they never encountered the Stabilizer. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to return to said area.   The 1 km of the radius is an average. The largest area of influence was that of 5 km (sadly, the Stabilizer who could create it fell prey to one of Lord of Spectacle's games. The smallest one was that of less than 2 meters. Even with such small areas, Stabilizers can perceive the world in their way as far as their eyes can see.


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