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Geography of the World after The Curtain has fallen

The presence of the Lords and spirits from behind The Curtain has fallen) in the world has changed it, warped it. Some places are almost unchanged, some started to look abstract. There are also places that shouldn't be.  

Effect of memories

What is interesting, the memories people have can affect the landscape. The more someone remembers how the place looked before the fall of The Curtain, the bigger the chance it will be unchanged. It's when someone doesn't know how the place looked, the more bizarre and abstract things start to show up. Additionally, traveling in groups can make the travel both safer and more dangerous, as places known by even one person stay the same, but if no one from the group remembers them, that's when the concepts take over in shaping the world. That is why anyone who works as a guide after the Extinction is very highly valued.  

Traveling between the cities

Much like it is with appearance, memories can change the distance between the places. Depending on whether someone remembers the travel between two points as short or long, it can drastically change how long it will take them to reach their goal. Furthermore, the landscape between those places almost always will be blurry. Like everything else, it is caused by the memories, as normally, when traveling, most of the sights change at some point into basic shapes.  

Seasons and holidays

For the most part, seasons have been left unchanged (there are some anomalies in the weather in some places), however, if there were any decorations related to festivals and holidays that happened regularly in the area, they will show up the date they should.  

Places that shouldn't be

Sometimes it is as simple as a new building showing up somewhere, where there shouldn't be enough space for it. But sometimes it can get really weird. Area, where trees grow upside down, Forest of Steel, area, where the ground is covered in faces or field of flowers that cry when stepped on are just a tip of an iceberg.  

Echoes of the past

Whenever there is a place that was often visited by humans or loud, the noises etched into its memory. Thus, echoes of the conversations, working machines, and music can be sometimes heard in those places. They are never as loud as they should be, most of them are as loud as a whisper. The second part of the echoes are shadows. Just like it is with sounds, it is possible to still see moving cars, people standing at the bus stops or passing each other on the sidewalks from the corner of ones' eye. Fortunately, echoes show up rarely, so they shouldn't endanger someone by obscuring the real danger in the area.

Metaphysical, Supernatural

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