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Forest of Steel

When the spirits of the concepts and aspects of the Lords started to change the world, some really weird places were created.   One of those places is the Forest of the Steel.
Sun almost never shows up here and even when it does, the colors seem bleak and pale. It consists of a concrete floor that spreads for few kilometers in almost every direction, even downwards. But what it gets its name from are thousands of steel beams that stick upwards everywhere, looking like the forest without branches and leaves. And what is really weird about it, all those beams look as if they were dropped from a very high place, as all around them there are cracks in concrete that would only show up if that was the case. Another proof for that idea would be the fact that sometimes, under one of those beams, a body crushed by it can be found.   Once in a while, it is possible to encounter some type of ruins here. They mostly consist of the remains of the walls of some buildings, but it is unknown what their purpose is or was.   This place has a weird property, which makes anyone who enters it lose the sense of direction. They could be one step from the border of the forest, and even then they wouldn't know which way they came and where to go to exit it. As such almost all living beings try to avoid it like fire.


The terrain here is completely flat, and yet somehow it is impossible to see very far. When the rain falls, all of the water gathers inside the cracks around the beams. After it stops to rain, if left for some time, the water will start to disappear, as if the beams drank it. During nights, the beams start to tremble a little, which makes a quiet high-pitched noise. They do it at different intervals. They also start to glow a little. Not enough to see anything farther than few centimeters from every single one of them, but enough, that from the outside Forest of the Steel it looks as if there was big fire burning somewhere inside it.

Fauna & Flora

No plants grow in the Forest of Steel, it's a completely barren area.   The forest, however, is not the completely lifeless place. Once in a while, a group of Predators can show up here to try to hunt the disoriented prey. Additionally, anyone who wanders here is almost guaranteed to meet one of the Empty Ones.

Natural Resources

There is nothing here but the steel and concrete.   During the first years after the Extinction, the remaining people needed a lot of steel to build their settlements, so there were excavating teams sent here (usually, members of the team were tied to each other and few of them stayed outside the forest to not become other victims of its properties. When the beams were ready to be taken, they helped their coworkers escape the area.

Alternative Name(s)
The Plains of the Lost

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