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Professor Kostek

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Professor Kostek always wears his protective suit, which covers all of his body. Said suit protects him from dangers both biological and spiritual. While the suit's helmet is equipped with a large visor, it seems that it works similar to a one-way mirror. There are transparent white markings on its "face" which resemble the shape of a skull, another thing that makes some people think Professor's surname is made up (as Kostek comes from the word Kość, which is bone).
As such, there are only very few people who have seen his face or even know the general shape of his body.   Professor always carries a backpack full of gear needed for his research, gear needed to traverse difficult terrain, and maps. Despite how dangerous it is outside, he seems to never carry any weapon, though he has some protective symbols and salt with him.   He never parts with his S.E.M.I. - Spiritual Energy Measurer and Interpreter.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is unknown who Professor Kostek was before the Extinction. According to what he says, he was a university professor as well as a researcher working with a team of his colleagues in a few different laboratories. The only problem here is, that there is no proof to anything he says. No one even knows his name and if his surname is really his or if is he an original owner of the gear he uses.   The only things known about him are the ones that happened already after the Extinction. He showed up wearing his protective gear and started to research practically everything. Every part of the world that changed from how it was before the material and spiritual worlds fused together.


According to what he says, he has at least 5 different PhDs in Biology, Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.   It is true that he seems to be a very knowledgable person, both skilled and taught in many different disciplines of science, and he seems to be at least at a Master's Degree level. He also seems to have some knowledge about the current world or he really quickly adapted to it.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Improvement of his protection suit to protect him from the spiritual dangers such as Possession. He claims to be one of the creators of S.E.M.I. - Spiritual Energy Measurer and Interpreter.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to discover as much as possible about how the world has changed and why.


Contacts & Relations

He seems to know a lot of groups of survivors, though most of the humans don't like to spend too much time with him. That is mostly caused by him constantly talking to himself about his theories, and their uncertainty if he is really a human. Especially since he doesn't seem to have such problems with friendlier Spirits.

Wealth & Financial state

He has a few hideouts all around the city filled with stuff needed for his research. Some find it really amazing (and crazy) that he is able to survive on his own without any bigger protective spells surrounding the places where he sleeps.
Professor Kostek is one of the three main protagonists (with Kundel and Vagabond) in the world after the Extinction came.
Unknown   Year of Birth:
Unknown   Sexuality:
Has never shown any attraction to anyone   Eyes and hair:
Unknown as he always wears his protective suit on
175 cm


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