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S.E.M.I. - Spiritual Energy Measurer and Interpreter

For the most time, all things spiritual were kept a secret from the public eye.
It was hard to research it for anyone not already in the know, since any spills of spiritual energy and breaks in The Curtain were usually handled pretty fast by The Faceless and covered up, and those who discovered it were either laughed at as crazy people, bribed or eliminated.
But as everything started to fall apart (The Faceless focusing on more and more spills, The Creation Project falling apart and the disappearance of ZODIAC), it was harder and harder to keep everything secret.   That's when Professor Kostek and his colleagues came across one of the spills of spiritual energy, small enough to not be of concern for The Faceless.
They started to design and create a device that would be able to measure said energy, especially the fluctuations of its intensity.
When they began to create models that would let them visualize those fluctuations, they discovered the existence of beings made completely out of spiritual energy.   But when they finally gathered enough data to share with the world and show their devices, the Extinction came. Out of the whole research team, Kostek was the only one to survive it.   After the Extinction, S.E.M.I.s are mostly used to protect oneself from incoming spirits by warning about their presence.
Kostek tries to create as much of them as possible to save as many people as he can.  

Normal model

This unit, besides giving the direction and the exact distance to the spike of energy serves in more ways related to researching spiritual energy.
It can show the exact level of energy in the area (in SEUs - spiritual energy units) and just like visualizers, show the spirits that haven't materialized.
It can also be used to detect the spiritual traps, web-like streams of energy the spirits use like spiders to detect if anything entered their territory, and to detect the trails they leave behind themselves. Besides those uses, Kostek uses it to create maps of spirits, discover the patterns in the way they move and if there are any places they stray away from.
The one time he pointed one of those at the Tower of one of the Lords, the unit fried.
Item type
Sensory / Aid
Current Holder
There are only 10 units of the normal model and 30 of the simple one. Once in a while, when he finds the parts, Kostek works on making a few more units.
200g (normal one), 50g (simple model), the bigger ones got destroyed
70x160x50mm (normal one), 30 mm radius by 10mm (simple model)

Simple model

This unit is a way smaller version of the normal model with fewer functions. Its most useful function (in the world as it is right now) is the ability to detect any spike of spiritual energy in the radius of 50 meters. With the right calibrations, it is possible to detect the spirits in that area.   In case of the spike of energy, the S.E.M.I. can make a quiet sound (it's possible to connect it to earphones so nothing in the surrounding hears it) or it can be set to vibrate, with the intensity of the vibrations directly related to the intensity of the spike and the size of the spirit.


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