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The ████ Vagabond (a.k.a. The Deserter)

Before the Extinction

After being born as the Faceless One of the seventh generation, he took part in many missions related to the fissures in The Curtain has fallen), both in different squads and solo, as his powers were very helpful in the combat against the spirits. At that point, he had a normal type of title (made out of 2 parts) as any other Faceless One would.  

During Extinction

Few weeks before it all started, all of the Faceless Ones were deployed in the locations, where The Curtain was the thinnest.
After the Lords have broadcasted The Word, they were told to hold their ground, however when the Lords used the Word that Warps, they were forced to retreat.
During the first year, Vagabond was able to acquire the Sword of Data by defeating the Lord of Data single-handedly.
The brigade he was in (consisting of 6 teams at the start) was able to kill the 40 of the Lords.
During the third year, when the Lords focused on destroying The Curtain, the data the Vagabond has collected let the Faceless create the way to reset the progress the Lords have made.
All of the still remaining teams were sent to stop the Lords, however, the Vagabond decided to desert for an unknown reason.   Show spoiler
Even if he helped, the operation didn't have any chance of success.

After the Extinction

He has woken up after his disappearance. He lost the Sword of Data, his Blood lost its color, and he doesn't remember the first part of his name. He wanders all around the wasteland of the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a light type of unit of the Faceless One, specializing in scouting, finding out the weaknesses of his enemies, and leading them into traps and ambushes.

Facial Features

Vagabonds' mask is that of the skull with the symbol of a third eye carved in it. His teeth and lower jaw are covered by the collar of his armor.

Identifying Characteristics

Before the Extinction and during it, his Blood was ████. After he deserted, it has completely lost its color.   Whenever another Faceless One talks to him, they still refer to his old color, however, no one (who isn't Faceless One), and even him, can hear it (he will act as if he heard it, but cannot remember what exactly they said). To everyone else, he will introduce himself just as a Vagabond.

Physical quirks

Left hand dominant.
Whenever he is bored, he starts to tap with his fingers, either on something or on himself.

Special abilities

His aspect, that he gained during the ritual that created him, is that of chains. It lets him see the things that chain others (their fears, unfinished business, and weaknesses) and bind them with ethereal chains to something. This power is very good when fighting the spirits that don't manifest completely in the material world, as he can force them to manifest in an object. In that case, destroying said object can destroy lesser spirits and weaken stronger ones.

Apparel & Accessories

His armor is ████ with gray and brown additions. After the Extinction, the main color has faded out.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defeating the Lord of Data by his own hand and acquiring the Sword of Data.
Using this Artifact to gather the data about the Lords and their weaknesses.

Failures & Embarrassments

The desertion and disappearance.

Personality Characteristics


Earlier, he liked to discover various aspects of life. Now that this curiosity has been mostly extinguished, he just wants to survive.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Electronic things often break around him, but thanks to that, he has learned many ways to repair them.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: reading, exploring, animals (except insects) Dislikes: insects, stubbornness


Religious Views

He doesn't believe in any system of belief.



The one who bonded with him (Vital)

Towards Vagabond





The one who tries to cure her (Vital)

Towards Bianca





Kind..., Meet again..., Happy.
— Bianca about Vagabond

I've never seen anything like that. I almost can't see her chains. I feel like I need to help those girls.
— Vagabond about Bianca and Dead Squad

The first time they met, Vagabond entered the area that Bianca was securing. The warning shot flew less than a half meter from his head. Instead of running away, he tried to sneak up to her. but as he entered the building she was in, she already moved.   The second time they met, he encountered the whole squad while wandering around the town. Since then, they met many times more.
Bianca started feeling a connection towards Vagabond. If not for the rest of the squad that needs her to survive, she would join him in his travel a long time ago.

Shared Secrets

When Vagabond looked at her with his sight, he saw only two chains, only two things that still keep her body alive. He wants to help her. Either by creating new chains or by changing the attachment of the old ones.   He wants those six to live happy lives.

Faceless One
Year of Birth
-7 (12 years old)
Biological Sex
Before becoming the Faceless One - male
He is attracted to both the women and men (the second one to a lesser extent).
185 cm
30 kg
Aligned Organization
The Faceless
Known Languages
Polish, English

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