Gun of the North

From Awoken to Title

I'm fairly certain every little kid has pretended to be one at some point. Well every little kid in the Copper Mount Militia anyways. Such a title brings a lot of weight with it, but its mainly in existence to provide equipment, and respect to those who have shown combat potential in other roles, and to help keep order in Militia territories if one is already in a combat role.
"I'm not so sure about them, Kri. Not your ancestors, but the ones who call themselves this now. They seem pretentious." - Grant Scrapman


If one wants to qualify for the position then a background in some form of military or peace keeper role is generally preferred but not always necessary. It is not entirely unheard of for others to be given the opportunity but this is very rare.


The largest step in acquiring this rank is a display or aptitude with firearms and electromagnetic guns. Along with a clear strong commitment to the Mountain Strider culture and people. A fairly high level of physical aptitude, specifically in athletics and agility is required to even be considered for the title.


The first step to becoming one is to show some form of aptitude, specifically actions taken in attempt to protect, forward the interest of, or destroying the enemies of the Copper Mount Militia. This can be then fallowed by a time of training till one can complete the Slinger's challenge which some immediately jump to. The details of the challenge are kept closely guarded to avoid cheating, however previous versions included a forest of suspended platforms and targets to be hit while racing to an end point, and at some point live fire enemies. The challenge has claimed the lives of two, and it seems there are fewer and fewer Guns of the North as time goes on, but they are all the more dangerous for it.


When one holds the title they are generally expected to embody the ideal Copper Mount Militia member. Gaining the rank alone shows a dedication to the ideals. Of course this can lead to older people with this title trying to be harder then they really are.


Being more of an honor and a way to grant those who show dedication to Copper Mount Militia ideals respect and the gear necessary to carry out their missions. There are very few actual responsibilities for a Gun of the North. Its an title one can gain atop their own, and the only true responsibility is that one should act as a protector or law enforcement when in areas controlled by the Militia. This is additive to whatever their previous responsibility was before they became a Gun of the North.


Outside of the equipment and support of the Militia higher ups, merit and a place of established respect in our society. As those who have the role have done something to shows exceptional prowess and dedication.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The largest part of it all, while everyone is given a coated copper broach or clip to be identified as a critical member of the Copper Mount Militia, only Slingers are given a special golden broach or clip made with the intention of being blatant, giving themselves an intimidation factor. They also are given a discount in most stores and access to some of the forgotten era weapons recovered from the M.P.G Reserve Arsenal.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

This has almost never occurred, but it is possible to be stripped of the Gun of the North title. Being a role with almost no responsibilities the main thing that can cause this is a true betrayal of the Copper Mount Militia. This has lead to some members of the title becoming lazy and some Slingers complaining about those who hold the title but have clearly stopped trying to excel. Its hard to almost impossible to find ex-Slingers, its easy to find some disappointing Slingers who haven't pushed themselves in years.


The term "Guns of the North" Was originally one of the titles for a mythical group of Wild Heart Awoken who lived in the mountains far to the north of the United High Desert located to the south of what we now know to be the Copper Mountain Range. They were the first people to draw attention to the region as members of their tribes traded basic muskets with The We. When the expedition from We of the Sand arrived in the Copper Mountains, they allied with the Guns of the North instead of fighting them like the We had told them to. The two groups helped keep one another alive till the M.P.G reserve arsenal was discovered. Over time their genetics and culture fused with the Sand Walker migrants became what we now call the Mountain Striders. Their name didn't lose any sort of mysticism however and knowing this, it became a title one could hold. Now you can become a Gun of the North through hard training and practice.   It is important to note that the original Guns of the North are the first known users of the forgotten era chemical, gunpowder. Which they used in rudimentary muskets and hand cannons that were nothing more then steel tubes they filled with simple copper ball shot ammunition. The primer of said weapons was lit by two wires that a person placed a finger across, then activate with electrokinesis, the spark from this causing ignition of the primer reliably without moving parts. The furniture of said firearms were either made from wood or various pieces of scrap they could find.

Cultural Significance

Due to their history of protecting, and becoming our ancestors has made the position one of great respect. They are seen as a form of special forces, or one step above the average soldier which are already highly respected in Militia society. They are primarily associated however with order and law. As those selected for the title gain it for a merit in protecting the Mountain Strider people.

Civic, Military, Generic
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Gunslingers of the North
Equates to
Special Forces, or simply a person of exceptional combat skill in another field outside a combat roles.
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