Caused by the venom of the Delirium Serpent, a Beast with an adult length between 8m and 13m, Delirium is a lifethreatening state. While the venom itself will not necessarily kill its victims, asides from the risk of choking on one's own vomit, poisoned individuals often do die as an indirect result of the side-effects.   However, in diluted and consumed form the venom produces a natural high that some quite enjoy. Humans suffer least from consuming it, and as such many of them consider it a delicacy. Since attempts to own and milk Delirium Serpents constantly fail, the Beasts are hunted by both Wayfarers and Wanderers for their venom glands.
Natural, Beast
Hazard Level
Extremely Dangerous
Legal State
Banned / Outlawed

Effect when Bitten

The Delirium Serpent delivers quick jabs with its injection teeth. Unless it feels confident its prey is defenseless, it will elect not to use long bites, as to avoid counterattacks. After a short encounter, the Beast will retreat, then tail its prey until the venom takes its toll.   The first effect is a numbing of the wound, which hides the injury from the victim's perception. Additionally the venom keeps blood flowing, so with enough injuries the victim may simply bleed out. Over time their senses begins to dull and their acuity deteriorates.   Victims will keep moving in a dreamlike state, until they collapse from either bleeding out, or from physical exhaustion. Then, the Serpent enjoys its meal. It won't have to worry about other predators, as the venom's smell scares off most other Beasts. Any that actually consume the victim, will become the next prey instead.   An injured Wayfarer may very well fall prey to another Beast in their delirious state, or lead the Serpent to their base. This is why some Wayfarers undergo exposure training to develop a natural resistance, and it is common to have a militia guarding a clear natural border.

Effect when Consumed

When consumed, the venom takes longer to spread throughout the body, reducing its effects. On the other hand, it is very easy to consume far more than the quantity in a single jab. However, it is very unlikely that even the biggest fool will not dilute the venom first.   The venom still keeps blood flowing, so internal and external injuries may very well turn fatal. Furthermore, consumption may lead to vomiting, which is a hazard in itself. The senses are dulled while the numbness of the skin ends up over the entire body.   In the Frontier, the venom is often used as meat tenderizer. This allows even the toughest meat to become soft if soaked long enough. Afterwards, one should wash and marinade the meat intensively with milk to get rid of the venom. Boiling or cooking do not suffice.   For Halflings and Gnomes, consuming the venom is extremely dangerous. Ogres will get less sick thanks to their large size, while Humans suffer least and enjoy the so-called natural high way too much. Thrill-seeking as they are, not only do they eagerly seak it out, they may even become addicted.


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1 Jun, 2022 03:18

The law: Strictly forbidden! The health professional: It will kill you. The cook: Let me sink the meat for your lunch in it.   And yes, it makes sense, it's something people do irl all the time.

1 Jun, 2022 05:44

Yeah, people at the Frontier don't really care for silly laws when it comes to some good food. You sell the good chunks, then you use whatever you can to make the bad chunks taste good.

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