The Luvar were powerful individuals originating from the world of Pantheon but were then forced to leave. Each Luvar was at some point an Overlord of a kingdom, a mini world included in the empire of Pantheon. Once outcast from the planet the individual travels through the universe in order to seek a place to inhabit. The Luvar are the equivalent of Gods in power and are considered to be among the most illuminated forms of life. A Luvar in form may vary a lot. Most of them appear to be humanoid with common features while others could be entirely different, even monsters such as Dragons. Most of the Luvar that arrived in Vitallia appeared to have human characteristics, all but their size. Most Luvar were tall like giants, the smallest being three meters tall while the largest could reach approximately 30 meters in height. Regardless, the Luvar could assume various sizes and forms should they want it.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name


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