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The spiritual institution of Kyama, Daienism is considered the oldest faith in Vestria and is argued to be the most fundamentally tied to magic in regards to its core beliefs.

Mythology & Lore

Origin of Magic

According to Daienism, the gods that oversaw the five domain of nature (day, night, sky, sea, and land) once walked among their worshipers in ancient times. One day, an Elf stumbled upon a woman beset by thieves. The Elf managed to fend the brigands off and the woman, revealing herself as the Sun goddess, Taiyo, repayed him by blessing him with the ability to use Sun magic should he ever need defending himself.   The other gods soon heard about what had happened and, fearing the imbalance that could come from one of their magics being wielded by mortals, decided to each bestow a similar blessing to those they considered worthy.   Through these blessings, Elves became the first race to practice magic.  

Legends of Nature

  • Mount Kurai Sora (Mount of Dark Sky) is the home of the Storm goddess, Arashinagi, with the frequent storms surrounding it being a reflection of the goddess's mood.
  • Similarly, Mount Akarui Sora (Mountain of the Bright Sky) is said to be the home of the Night god, Yurogami, hence the northern lights witnessed in the region during the winter season when the Night god is said to be stronger

Tenets of Faith

Daienism emphasizes finding balance between one's self and their surroundings. This often includes how followers interact with nature, society, and even their own lives.   This sense of balance is also seen in how Daienism approaches the Paths of Magic with Sky, Sun, and Night being described as the Heavenly Arts while Water and Ore make up the Earthly Arts. Despite this categorization, all five disciplines are considered equal with each connected to another and contributing to the greater whole of the world.


Followers of Daienism are taught that balance is found in patience and the respect shown to all life.    Such respect does not forbid actions like hunting animals for food or harvesting materials to build shelter, but rather emphasizes moderation and the greater cycle that exists within ecosystems and environments.    For example, Daienism teaches that those lower in a hierarchy should show respect and submission to those above them for guidance, but those same superiors should demonstrate care and respect to those beneath them as their work lays the foundation for their own.


Prayers offered by followers of the faith tend to be the most common form of worship in Daienism. Which kami the prayer is directed towards usually depends on the desired blessing.   For example, a farmer wishing for a good harvest would offer a prayer to the Ore god, Chikyu, but if that same farmer wanted relief from a drought, he would pray to Arashinagi.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Kyamese Imperial family has long shared close ties with the Daien temples due to their shared history and mythology. These ties are so close that those not of the faith criticize priests for acting more as mouths for propaganda instead of spiritual leaders.   A number of Daien temples have publicly pushed back against recent industrialization movements, arguing that the societal expansion required for it is too aggressive.
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