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Lights of Yurogami

During the cold, dark nights of the winter months, brilliant auroras light up the black skies around Mount Akarui Sora.   The cascading Lights of Yurogami hang like rippling curtains in the sky, draping over the mountains with streaks of blue, green, and purple.


The Lights are visible around Mount Akarui Sora and are what gave the mountain its name.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Lights occur during the winter months in Northern Kyama.   According to Daienism, the Lights are a manifestation of the Night god's ambient power, which supposedly peaks during the winter season.


According to Daien lore, winter is when the Yurogami is given dominion over the sky while Taiyo regains her strength for the coming summer. Naturally, this means very long, very dark nights for this time of the year.    Taiyo would become restless during such nights, missing her place in the sky and worrying about what the mortals below would do without her light. To allow the goddess to rest peacefully, Yurogami would use his magic to weave a great illusion, illuminating the sky for as far as even the gods could see from their place atop the mountains.   Seeing the lights Yurogami had conjured, Taiyo was then able to rest at ease.


Witnessing the Lights is considered a spiritual experience for followers of Daienism. However, traveling to see them is made difficult by the mountain's remote location and climate.    The northern region of Kyama is known for its heavy snowfalls, making traversing most mountain passes dangerous for travelers. Additionally, many routes to Mount Akarui Sora pass through the Valley of Wandering Souls and the multitude of illusions and kami that call the valley their home.   Despite the dangers of the journey, some followers of the faith have claimed to have made it to the mountain and witnessed the spectacle of the Lights.
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