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Valley of Wandering Souls


Heavily forested and largely untouched by any form of civilization.

Localized Phenomena

There have been numerous reports of bizarre and unexplained deaths and disappearances of people who ventured into the Valley. Reports include bodies being found without their heads, men seemingly flash frozen next to their firewood, and some spontaneously running into the forest in a fit of seeming madness.   Those who have returned often comment on experiencing moments of severe disorientation, inexplicable irritation and aggression, anxiety, nightmares, and the like.    Over time, many have posed theories as to what causes the Valley's grim phenomena with varying acceptance and debate. Due to the magical imbalance of the area, some believe that the local {Kami} have become more aggressive and attack trespassers in their domain. Those seeking more scientific rationales propose that tools like compasses are interfered with by the numerous ferrous metal deposits in the Valley and the anxiety often experienced might be caused by acute sensory depravation in the wilderness. However, these still do not explain the deaths recorded in the Valley.

Fauna & Flora

The Valley is heavily forested with dense plant life.   Animals, however, are oddly sparse in the region. Outside of insects and small birds, very few animals are seen in the area. Some believe that larger animals can sense the imbalance of the Valley and steer clear of it.

Natural Resources

Metal deposits are common in the surrounding area, leading many to believe that large, untouched veins of such metals are located in the Valley. The potential for mining is leant plausibility by legends of treasure left in the Valley by one of the residents.   In reality, the Valley is indeed rich in ferrous metals such as iron and magnetite, but there are relatively few deposits of precious metals with most being located near its {northern} edges where the Valley borders regions known for gold and silver mining.


The Valley was the site of a Soul Magic experiment that ended with catastrophic results. The fallout caused severe imbalance to the magical and natural ecosystem.


None.   Even local villages surrounding the Valley emphasize that no one should enter it.


  • Valley of Wandering Souls
Alternative Name(s)
Valley of Cursed Souls, The Lifeless Valley
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