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Feast of the Slumbering Sun

A yearly Daien communal feast in honor of Taiyo and Yurogami to mark the Winter Solstice.


It is believed that the Feast originated during a harsh winter where priests opened their temples and shared some of their food stores with struggling members of the community. The following year, the priests opened their temple again, but were met with guests bringing their own meals to share as a sign of gratitude.   The Feast would go onto become a much anticipated occasion of the year, particularly by those in poorer or rural communities where the sharing of food was more needed.


During the feast, members of the community gather and share meals they had prepared to signify the unity between them as they share their seasonal burdens.

Components and tools

There is no specific food required for the Feast, though baked goods tends to make up the majority of dishes, though the selection can vary greatly from one community to another. For instance, a farming village's Feast might mainly consist of bread and soups while a that of a fishing town boasts a selection of eel and tuna.   It is also not unheard of for some members of the community to prepare extra meals as an offering to the gods such as candied almonds for Taiyo or baked apples for Yurogami. Though priests are happy to accept such offerings, they are not required for the Feast.


The Feast is an event for the whole community with each family bringing a meal to share.    A Daien priest also blesses the banquet, praying for unity and harmony amongst the community as well as wishing Taiyo a sound slumber and thanking Yurogami as he watches over her.


The Feast is held every Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, as it marks the halfway point in Taiyo's yearly slumber.
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3 Dec, 2022 02:12

I'm not sure if what's basically an annual potluck is a stretch on gift-giving or not, but I wanted to make a tradition that focused more on community than materialism. Might make a second one that plays with that idea and have the cultures blend.

3 Dec, 2022 15:07

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