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Red Drake Inn and Tavern

This dingy, smoke-filled bar mainly serves the ne’er-do-wells of the community, people who prefer a place where the drinks are cheap and it’s easy to get in a fight. Any strangers passing through town looking for an inexpensive place to sleep with no questions asked head towards the Red Drake, which offers a series of unpleasant bedrooms on the second floor.   The tavern’s owner, Jaral Duerten, is a surly dwarf frequently at odds with the local authorities, who (accurately) suspect that plenty of criminals and contraband find their way into the Red Drake. The tavern gets its name from the stuffed and mounted head of a "red dragon" that attacked a local village eight years ago, which menaces those who sit under it at the bar. A burly half-orc with charcoal colored skin, named Kraul Jawbreaker, is also employed here and shares the same view toward local authority as the owner.


A tudor and wood style building with a raised wooden porch. The building has two stories; with the inn rooms being on the second floor. The main tavern floor has many long tables with chairs, and some smaller tables closer to the corners of the tavern. Sharing tables with other patrons is common and privacy is at a premium during the busier times of day. Surprisingly, the tavern does feature in-house privies; one for each gender. There is also a cellar, which is used for the storage of empty ale casks and supplies.
Alternative Names
The Drake
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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Mar 10, 2022 15:32

Digging the kinda dingy, almost-certainly-a-crime-den vibe I'm getting from this.   Would like to see it get fleshed out a bit more, but as a general overview for the place, it works.   Keep it up!   ------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

Mar 17, 2022 17:52

You have definitely made a good dive bar for rogues to go offload the rest of the party's loot.... i mean get the local lay of the land. I like what you have so far but would love to see it expanded on. Maybe mention a regular who is part of a thieves guild, or expand on the Bartender and bouncer's part and how they met.

Feel free to stop by some of my WorldEmber articles if you want. My favorites are The Book of the Unquiet Dead, Outpost of the Moons, and The Emerald Hills. Feedback is always appreciated.
Mar 24, 2022 08:25 by Angantyr

That stuffed head of a dragon that attacked the village... is it the owners that saved the village from it, or did they just purchase it for a good coin?   Neat article. I'd love to know more about the story behind the place. Was it established to make things safe and cosy for those "at odds with the local authorities"? Or were there other reasons?

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