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Kya Seleþrin (KIE-uh sehl-ETH-rinn)

Written by UmbralGoat

Mom said to never go in the woods without telling us...
— Kya to her younger sister Tala

  Kya Seleþrin was the first daughter of Ilya and Ameria Seleþrin, and the older sister of Tala Seleþrin. She was killed in an accident protecting her sister.


Kya was a canine Fælen, with golden fur that blended into black around her legs, arms and the tips of her ears. Her ears were notably large, tall and pointed, making her appear taller than she really was. She was considerably strong and agile for her age, a product of her outdoorsy nature.


Kya took after Ilya in more than just appearance. She was very bubbly and friendly, making many friends throughout her time in school. She was very protective of her sister when Tala was very young, and she was the first to teach her how to use magic. Kya had a particular passion for exploring the more rural areas of Iþivis with her friends, something she often scolded Tala for attempting without supervision. On occasion, their mothers would take them out on small hiking trips through the woods near the Third Wall.


At the age of six, Kya began learning Soul Magic, and was rather proficient in it. She learned from Ameria, who wanted her to be well-prepared for when she began learning magic in the school system. Kya believed she would go on to learn magic as a doctor like Ameria when she grew up. She never learned Aresian.


Where is she? Where is Kya?
— Ameria to Tala

  On the 37th of Iþivur, 1875, Kya, Tala and her friend Korevi vel'Adeus left the inner walls of Iþivis to enjoy the snowfall in the woods. Despite the rather heavy weather, they enjoyed the bright day.

Tala had encouraged Korevi to try learning magic, knowing of his own passion for magic and wanting him to succeed despite his Soulrot. With so much snow, they figured it was perfect to try a simple lesson in Augara.

Their lesson quickly went awry, as Korevi's Soul destabilized, taking control of the entire snowstorm. As the weather gradually became worse, Kya quickly noticed what was happening, but Korevi could not stop it; in less than a minute, he had blacked out from the rapid onset of Soulstrain, and his magic was still out of control.

The snowfall became intense, snow freezing into a downpour of hail and ice as winds roared from Korevi's body, a symptom of Strain. The winds nearly split them up, but Tala and Kya managed to stay together. The winds grew so strong that trees began to snap and fall around them. Kya noticed one falling towards them, but only had enough time to shove her sister out of the way into the snow.
Tala was unaware of what happened to her sister, as the snow did not let her see. She managed to run out of the woods towards the Gate into the Third Wall. She frantically told the Guard what was going on and begged them to take her to her home. Upon arrival, Ameria contacted Korevi's father and they set out to look for them. By this point, Korevi's Soul had finally settled, leaving him unconscious in the snow. They found the two not far from each other, and while Korevi was still clinging to life, Kya had not survived her injuries, trapped beneath the tree.
by lagito37
14 years
Date of Birth
4th of Mervur, 1861 TC
Date of Death
37th of Iþivur, 1875 TC
Fælen, Canine

Height / Weight
162 cm (5'4") / 55 kg
Cis Female
She / Her

Iþivis, Kovura

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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Jan 17, 2022 09:40 by Stormbril

What a heartbreaking tale of Kya's death :( I really appreciated the look into how she protected her sister, and what kind of person she was, before the unfortunate incident. Also, the icons on each header are a really nice touch! Definitely adding this to my reading challenge article!

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Aw, thanks, Stormbril! <3 I'll be looking forward to your thoughts! And lol, once I figured out how to add them, I became addicted to adding icons to my headers.

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