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Horse Rides

In almost every corner of the world one of the most popular things wealthy people do in their free time are horse rides. The tradition has its roots in the customs of the nobility and spread to other social classes as they were becoming richer. Most people go once a week to the nearest forest and ride there. Most of them rent horses at a stable. Only the richest can have their own horses.

I found a very nice horse path in the eastern forest. No people. Just you and your horse. Perfect!
— A man about a horse ride path

Romantic Trip

Many young men invite girls they like for horse rides. It is considered the best way for two people to get to know each other. Being alone and aways from other people may help with creating a romantic mood, while sitting on two horses can discourage any indecent behaviour. However, some more conservative families still send a chaperon with the girl.

You look so beautiful, that the Saviour must have blessed you
— A boy to a girl

Origins of the tradition

The exact origin of the horse rides tradition are unknown. The most common theory says that it evolved from hunting excursion organized by nobility in the past. As time passed, hunting moved from a leisure activity of the wealthy to a job done by the lower classes. When meat became widely available for the wealthy to buy, there wasn't a need to hunt. For some time it remained as a purely leisure activity. Today, it is completely gone and was replaced by calm and relaxing horse rides.

Don't be so old fashioned and put that rifle away!
— A wealthy man to a friend
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