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Worm Plague

Worm Plague is an extremely rare ancient disease that still brings fear to the hearts of those races old enough to remember it.

Transmission & Vectors

Contraction of the disease is believed to be spread by the infection of parasitic worms spawned by one who has died from the disease. It can also be spread by skin contact if the host had progressed far enough with the infestation of worms. Perhaps most terrifying of all is the fact that those who die of this condition are said to raise from the dead as semi autonomous zombies, who will continue to spread the illness even after death.


No one is truly sure what causes Worm Plague, as it randomly pops up in locations all over the world, often in small isolated villages. Some say it is divine punishment, and shows that the place is corrupted from within, though those who have studied it instead believe it may be being spread by the mysterious group The Cult of Worms.


Immediate symptoms of Worm Plague are clear, as the infection is often horrifically witnessed by those around the host, as a carrier vomits form a stream of small white worms that begin to burrow into the flesh of the target host. Extreme pain follows, until the worms reach the brain some minutes later, when death occurs.


Once the worm(s) enter the hosts body, it is difficult to cure the disease, requiring only strong healing magics to purge the host of the worms.


Unless treated quickly death can occur overnight to within a matter of days.   In most cases, those who die from this disease are raised by the same worms that killed them and become zombie carriers of the worms, seeking to infect more.


Worm Plague is a pestilence created by the Worm God Kysuss, near the fall of the Giant kingdom of Gaveheim.   After being entombed within a massive black monolith, the disease continued to reek havoc on the world for several centuries, before eventually seeming to die out.   Today, it will occasionally be found in pockets throughout the world, but steps are often taken to make sure it is eradicated as soon as possible.

Cultural Reception

Often when Worm Plague is found to be active in a populous, panic sets in quickly. Victims of the disease in some cased not only need to be secured for treatment, but also to preserve their safety as they may come under attack from those around them, even going so far as to burn them alive.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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