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The Cold Expanse

The Cold Expanse is the name given to the frozen northern region of the world. It was once one of the twin kindoms ruled by the Frost Giants during the time of Gaveheim, but after its fall, any claim to the land they had has been erased.   It was in this region where Annam All-Father chained the Dragons during the time when he shaped the world.   Today it is known as a wasteland, a true ice desert that only the mad would ever wish to visit, and a place that none ever return from.


The Cold Expanse is mostly flat, though it does a few mountainous regions, but they are not large. falling snow, freezing ice and harsh stone is about all one might find. The sea around the land itself is filled with massive icebergs that act as a natural barrier to keep any who approach by sea away.

Fauna & Flora

It is unknown as to whether or not life still exists in this cold region.   There are rumors that the Frost Giant kingdom still exists, but in a broken fashion, now made up of warring clans of giants who claim territories all over the frozen tundra and mountains. Ice Dwarves are still believed by some to exist here as well, though none have laid eyes on them since before the fall of Gaveheim.

Natural Resources

Besides snow and ice, there is nothing of true note on the continent.   Dwarven legends however say that Annamite, the mythical metal created by Annam All-Father to chain the Dragons in place can still be found under the ice if one were to look.
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