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Annamite is the metal used by Annam All-Father to bind the Dragons and keep them from interfering from his molding of the world.


Material Characteristics

Annamite is a porous black metal. At first glance it might even be considered some old worn piece of iron, left to decay, but on a more close glance, those who know of its nature would see the total and complete lack of any sign of wear on its surface.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Annamite remains cool no matter how much heat is used upon it. It cannot be molded by fire.   It is also deeply magical in nature, and reacts when exposed to Dragons. When exposed to the breath attack of a dragon, the metal completely negates any affects from the attack. The metal is also rumored to reduce the strength of any dragon that is bound with it to the point that they are unable to move.

Geology & Geography

Historically, Annamite is found almost exclusively in The Cold Expanse , left behind in chunks and pieces of the chains that Annam All-Father used to chain the Dragons of old in place with to keep them from interfearing with his molding of the world.   Due to the extreme cold and the inhabitable nature of this region of the world, it is unknown whether or not any truly remains.

Origin & Source

When Annam All-Father first came to the Material Plane of Vel'Kora, he found a world left to its own devices, lacking what he considered to be true order. He took it upon himself to mold the world into a place fit for life, and set about creating the Titans. The Dragons, who already dwelt in the world, and could come and go freely from one Plane to another during that time, were angered that someone would dare to change this place, and attempted to prevent the creation of the Titans. Annam, however, would not be stopped, and he created a massive length of cold black chain from the raw energy of the Astral Sea. He used this chain to bind all the Dragons in the world, and buried them deep under the ice in the cold northern region.

Life & Expiration

There is no known record of Annamite deteriorating throughout all of recorded history. It is truly unknown if it can be destroyed, or if it breaks down over time, as it is such a rare material that there has never truly been any kind of tests run on it.

History & Usage


It was discovered by the Dwarves, shortly before the War of the Gaints and Dragons. (See The War of the Giants and Dragons Begins)

Cultural Significance and Usage

Annamite holds a significance for two species in Vel'Kora.   The Dwarves hold it as a unimaginable gift, being as it was found shortly before their being freed from the enslavement of the Giants, and also was used to break themselves free from the enslavement of the Dragons.   Dragons however all hold a memory of the metal, passed down from generation to generation, as a tool of absolute evil, used to render them completely and totally powerless.
Extremely rare.
Dull black.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
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