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Eltar (city)

The city of Eltar is the capitol of The Eltaran Empire. It stands as the largest city in the world still standing, and is home to more people than Semunet and Apsoset combined. It is the center of culture, invention, industry, and authority for all of The Eltaran Empire.




All laws and taxation are enforced by the Eltaran military.


The outer walls of the city stand 40 to 60 ft high and are patrolled constantly by a minimum of ten thousand guards. The inner walls stand 20-30 ft tall and are patrolled as well, as wel as heavily guarded at each entrance.


The city of Eltar, is the biggest and grandest city in the entirety of the world. Its walls stand impenetrable. Its people, united in its defense and the defense of one another. It has never fallen, will never fall. Time itself shall break upon the walls of Eltar, where it remains as a stone after all others have crumbled into dust. ~Eltaran propaganda
  The city of Eltar shares the name of both the continent on which it resides, and the empire of which it is the capital. Built and expanded on the original settlement of those who arrived on the continent after the First Collapse of The Valcoran Empire, the city of Eltar has since grown massive, stretching over ten miles at its widest. Home to The Grand Emperor, a majority of the populous of the empire was resettled within its walls after the war with The Crimson Tide, and it now contains roughly eighty five percent of the empires population within its walls.


The walls, central palace, military headquarters, and some of the higher class houses are built of stone shipped in from the mountain ranges in the middle of the continent. The lower class housing, military barracks, and markets are build out of wood, mostly pines harvested from the nearby forests to the east.
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