Nakeen Vretiel

Court Sorcerer Nakeen Vretiel

Nakeen is the middle sibling of the Vretiel triplets and the most magically inclined, though not the most powerful. He is a dedicated and loyal man though he is known to be a bit of a hermit.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A small but lanky man, he isn’t physically strong and it shows in his wiry and slim frame. Despite this, though, there is no mistaking him for anything other than Kaiten’s brother.

Facial Features

He has the same high cheekbones, delicate ears, and dainty nose as his brother, but a slightly more angular face and sharper jaw.

Apparel & Accessories

He is fond of robes and pouches containing many ingredients needed for his craft, many overlook the fact that he carries a blade though he has little skill with it after all magic takes time and effort to cast and a blade will save his life in a tight situation when he cannot rely on his magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nakeen inherited his position as court sorceror, due to his passion and drive to learn everything he can about magic.


Nakeen has achieved three degrees of mastery in the field of magic, from history and lore to practical use. He, however, does not consider himself anywhere near done learning and pursues academics full time.


He is Rai's personal Sorceror and magical expert offering all magical aid that he can.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He is the youngest being to have achieved his rank, let alone his academic standing.

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite his achievements he is embarrased greatly by his relation to the previous court sorceror if only because he feels the need to live up to the legacy. Beyond that he fears that people see it as him being given the position solely because his father held it before.

Morality & Philosophy

Nakeen is a strict believer in the keeping of old traditions and lore, more from a learning standpoint than a practical one. He is entirely against the idea of sharing certain lore with the public however and in the use of old magics for any purpose. Despite this though he is also a fiercely loyal person and if need is great enough, he will break his own principles.


The use of ancient magics for any purpose.

Personality Characteristics


Nakeen is driven by a will to learn and need to understand the world around him as well as his ancient heritage. He wants to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

While his is incredibly proficient in spell work and all things arcane, he is completely at a loss with physical combat.

Likes & Dislikes

Learning is one of his greatest loves, as are books are another thing he adores. He is not very fond of things that require him to leave behind his studies or reading however. Though the biggest things of importance to him are family and friends.

Vices & Personality flaws

He tends to forget that there is a world outside of his lab and study.


Family Ties

Social Aptitude

Nakeen is the most socially inept of his siblings, mostly because he doesn't care to be social. He enjoys being mostly left alone and is a grump when interupted, more so even than his brother he is gruff and to the point with most. That said he is capable of long winded prose when with those he cares about or speaking on a topic his is passionate about.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Court Sorceror
98, appears around 25
Date of Birth
38th of Niraya, 1902 Age of the Great Dragon
Current Residence
Etherian Palace
is eyes are his most prominent feature, being the same shape as his brother and sister’s almond, but differing as his are a pale but vibrant blue.
His hair is reaches his waist and is usually loose with bangs falling to his chin on either side of his face, it is only pulled up back when he is actively working on his spell work.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Alabaster
5' 5"
170 lbs


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