Avanya Vretiel

Avanya Vretiel- Vretiel (a.k.a. Vanya, Princess)

Avanya is a cunning but kind young woman, also known as the Varisean Princess. She is the youngest of the Vretiel triplets though that hardly makes her lesser than her brothers in any way.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A lithe and agile young woman tall but petite woman for her people and built like a dancer. Almost unnoticeable wiry muscle is hidden behind soft curves that accentuate her build wonderfully.

Facial Features

The appearance of innocence and naivety aided by a dainty nose, delicate ears, full lips, and a soft rounded jaw set on a heart shaped face.

Apparel & Accessories

Her fashion is ever changing to keep up with the current ‘fashions’ though she prefers white and silvery colored dresses that modestly cling to her torso and flow away loosely but elegantly over the rest of her. For accessories they also change except for the choker she wears with a Zikran dragon pendant that Rai gave her and the amethyst earrings from her brothers, another thing that never changes is the presence of flowers in her hair.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Avanya took up the mantle of Raven Queen from her mother upon her mother's retirement.


As a Variseans woman Avanya was given access to all avenuees of eductaion available. She is very well versed on a variety of subjects though many don't know more than her interest in dance, music, and art.


She holds the title of Raven Queen in Rai Reirha's court, though this fact is a secret. To most she is just another noble woman who enjoys the high society and is personally friends with the emperor.

Morality & Philosophy

Avanya is, at her core, a kindhearted person who will do what she can for others. It's the reason why she and Rai are as close as they are and it is a well known fact about her. Underneath that though is her fierce loyalty to Rai and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect him as a person first, and the empire second. She is capable of doing plenty of shady things if she thinks it will aid Rai or help protect the empire he has built. Despite this though she is not quick to judgement and will always give someone a chance to redeem themselves.


  • Harming children
  • Threatening or disparagging her brothers or Rai
  • Needless violence

Personality Characteristics


Avanya is driven by a fierce loyalty and need to protect all those she calls dear. She wants the best for everyone but she will sacrifice that for her loved ones.

Likes & Dislikes

Avanya is fond of cute things, music, art, dance, children, and well-intended people. She favors loyality and unwavering conviction in people. Quality of time spent together is also much more important to her than any material possession.

Arrogance and elitism are sure ways to make an enemy of her. Bugs and creepy crawlies are things she can't stand and actively avoids.

Vices & Personality flaws

Avanya has a temper, one that doesn't see the light of day often, but when set off it is near impossible to reason with her. She will not stop until she has destroyed the threat or the cause of her anger.


Social Aptitude

Avanya is a social butterfly, more by necessity than personal interest. She knows as many of the Denizens of Etherian as she can and many beyond that. While confident, she is modest in most things often allowing others to underestimate her. She remains polite in all situations and observes as much ettiquette as she can.


She is a very playful woman often flirting for sport and partaking in good-natured mockery with others. While she observes niceties she is also relatively informal and very welcoming.


Avanya has been described to have a very soothing, often melodic voice that people enjoy listening to.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Raven Queen
Currently Held Titles
98 Years, appears around 25.
Date of Birth
38th of Niraya,1902 Age of the Great Dragon
Current Residence
Etherian Palace
Her large pale green almond eyes are one of her most notable features, giving her an appearance of innocence and naivety.
Long silky knee-length white hair that is usually braided and coiled into beautiful designs with some left loose to hang to her waist in the back and shorter strands left to frame her face.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Alabaster
5' 7"
150 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Your first mistake was thinking I was just a pretty face. The emperor is not one to keep someone around just because they are pretty."


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