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Cliffside Retreat

Purpose / Function

A popular open air tavern with a stunning view of the river, geysers, and the base of the Summit upwind of the sulfur smell.   After dark only adults are served to discourage the young from loitering around. Arguments have been known to get heated, the resulting scuffles have little regard for bystanders. Creaviae involved in fights are thrown from the edge by Tevin and will not be served until any debts incurred are repaid.  


  An assortment of drinks both alcoholic and non.  
  While supplies last, individuals can obtain a variety of Ices for two silver coins each, a perfect treat anytime.  
  • orange cinnamon
  • lemon lavender
  • blueberry mint
  • raspberry lime
  • strawberry basil
    "The Blueberry Mint is my favorite. Its's so sweet and refreshing at the same time. What's yours?"   - A young Seven-seven to Rhule
      Any frozen products are stored in an insulated covered pit after delivery from the local chapter of the Ice Guild.   Around noon time on clear days a small selection of grilled meats is available.    


      Musicians are welcome to play for Coin as long as the house gets a cut. Patrons can ask them to tell stories usually of the myths and legends of the local area.   Those interested can play Stakes. A few card sets are kept on hand for patrons to borrow as long as they give collateral. The single set of debossed cards is one of the main reasons for violent bouts over cheating. The best solution was to require the borrowers to have an ignisore in their party.


    Carved out of the mountain side by Ignisore, a row of tall stone pillars make up the entrance of the tavern. The bar top itself is carved from the same stone, as well as the storage space behind.   For convenience some water has been redirected from a nearby stream.  


      Two of the wooden tables are designed for use by ignisore. Lighting is suspended from the high ceilings with dark chains.   The owner and its Imitations reside in a loft, located above the counter lined with wooden rails.  
    Cliffside Retreat


    It's one of the oldest known taverns in Trenzar constructed the same time as Zenith's Citadel as a place for workers to relax after work. The simplicity of the structure a reflection of the speed in which it was built.   During the War of the Hand many took cover in the storage room while a Twisted Regi began attacking its own military reinforcements. The tavern was spared any significant damage, only losing glasses, a few stools, and a table in the chaos.  


    There is a claim that the blackened scorch marks found throughout the structure are from when Zenith Burned. The most prominent of which are located on the right hand side, stretching from the floor to halfway up the two pillars and wall. Others say they are from violent fights and the owner is to busy to try scrubbing them off.
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


    Tevin works as the bar tender while its Imitations cook and serve. The owner taking over most duties on slow days.   The oldest imitation is fluent in Igne and is teaching the second youngest.


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    Mar 13, 2022 04:53

    How high up is the bar that those in fights can get thrown from the edge and still be expected to survive to pay any debts incurred?   Other than that question you have a solid foundation here. I do like the map, although without a grid I think a scale would be good to include.

    Updated soon.
    Mar 13, 2022 17:17

    The dominant species is flight capable, they can glide and slow their descent so falls aren't really a problem.   I'll keep the changes to the map in mind. It's not currently to scale but I would like to update it before the end of the challenge.

    Mar 15, 2022 11:12

    What a lovely tavern! I can already picture the amazing view. Since it is the oldest known tavern in Trenzar, what stories can you tell us about it? Surely, a tavern of that age must've seen something or played a role in another thing, right? :D   Keep up the good work! :D

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    You have a good point, I'll be sure to add more history.

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    I really love the handmade touches of the map and the art of the innkeeper there! I think that the menu could fit niftly to the sidebar though, and spare some room from the center of the page to the headlines and longer sentences.

    Mar 26, 2022 03:03 by Michael Chandra

    A cliffside tavern sounds frickin' amazing. The view must be to die for.

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