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Bas (B-ah-s)

Captain Bas

Captain of Stormchaser. While at the ports it will listen in on other criminals or military personnel just to find out when attacks will take place. It will then take its crew to places of chaos planning to loot during the confusion of battle.   Known for coercing others into being necessary crew members when the current ones are killed or leave willingly. It tricked Pylo into being the navigator after finding out about its unique education. Later Bas takes Mc aboard its vessel after sinking the ship the medic was working on.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Adult Form

Special abilities

Type F

Apparel & Accessories

Is often seen with a bandana made from the flag of a Frontier ship threaded through a silver Ring. Bas also wears Fins according to the needs of its profession.

Personality Characteristics


It lives for freedom and excitement. The thrill of attacking other ships or successful haul are highlights of the cycle.


Contacts & Relations

Is on very good terms with it's quartermaster Vector and is considered its synphon by some.

Wealth & Financial state

Has a vast stash of riches from successful raids hidden on the west coast of The North just south of the Silent Peaks.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black, white
Owned Vehicles

Cover image: Historical Ship by Petr Kratochvil


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