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LGBTQ+ Protocol


Everyone has to be who he / she wants to be. Teachers are extra focused on everyone's safety. This mainly refers to sex between the students, of whatever group.

Document Structure

Publication Status


Legal status

This document is officially published by the student council. But the school approved it and worked it out further.

Historical Details


After Ceira Vigil and Vance Dracul became members of the student council they started writing this protocol. After they graduated, other members went further with their vision and made it the document it is today.

Public Reaction

The whole school agreed there needed some guidelines, only the adult council was a little resisted. The Headmaster  pushed it through despite their resistance.


The protocol as it is today needed a long time to grow, and it is still growing
The school is working on plans to extend the teachers' dorm. This will create more dorm space for their queer students.
Authoring Date
Signatories (Organizations)

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