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Central Lower Huraedon

Home to the Irminsul and Daj ethnic groups, Visdoni is the poorest of the three great territories of Lower Huraedon. The ethnic groups are split by the flow of the great river Tječona, and are at constants war with each other.

Visdoni is moderately hilly, densely wooded, and doesn't have a great population. Farms lay in valleys between hills or between thick uncut woods. People are hard to find when not along the highway. The weather is calm and mild, especially in the south. Warm summers, dry or wet winters according to how near the sea you are. Some bogs and marshes exist but these are mostly in the east. The territory gets cold in the winter but the southern half doesn't get snow. The land is, in many places, sterile or unfit for a great amount of agriculture. Herding is a more common trade.

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