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Eastern Lower Huraedon

Home to the Kreshnikëve, Kurban, Mykaraes, and Kosovka ethnic groups, Isdoni is the wealthiest of the territories of Lower Huraedon. It lays to the east, along the Bory Ocean. Isdoni is relatively flat and is filled with a moderate amount of forests. It is highly populated. Farms fill the flat land and its people are well off. Villages are cupped between moderately dense forests or lay by the highway or the highway's branching roads. The weather is changeable and unpredictable, especially along the coast. There are many bogs and marshes dotting the landscape. The northern 1/4th of Eastern Lower Huraedon gets snow. The rest of the region merely gets quite cold during the winter and gets lots of rain.


  • Eastern Huraedon
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