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Okjir the Old Oak

A Cruel Tree

Hidden in a thick, dark, sometimes boggy wood called the Iarwain Forest is Okjir the Old Oak. He has grown for centuries, if not for millennia. The Men and Elves who live in Eastern Huraedon talk of the hate he has nurtured for the Walking Folk. They speak of his roots which have grown long and which have sunk deep into the forest, whispering to the other trees to also hate and to also steal away any who wander into the woods.

The tree itself is a bulbous, twisted, and gnarled growth of bark and leaf. The forest is beautiful and dark and ancient, but the woods would surely be more pure and lovely if the Old Okjir no longer whispered his will anymore. Either way, the matter is both too difficult to address and non-consequential in the grand schemes of things to draw much attention from adventurers.

Current Location

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by Ted Nasmith


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