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Western Lower Huraedon

Home to the Zvezda, Volkhvs, Yugra, Ghirvuipa, and Seduta ethnic groups, Chedoni is a wild but well populated territory of Lower Huraedon. Near the source of the great Tječona river, Chedoni is also a territory of great mineral wealth. Metals such as gold and iron may be found in abundance in Chedoni's high hills.

Chedoni is very hilly, indeed, it is almost mountainous. There is little woodland due to the local mining industry. The territory is sparsely populated across its broad geography but population centers tend to be large. Villages lay in fertile valleys between the hills. The largest cities are on the few flatlands that exist. The weather can be violent and unpredictable due to the Storm Giants in the Western Mountains. The flatlands remain well-watered and fertile due to the many streams that flow from the Western Mountains and its foothills. The northern 3/4ths of Chedoni gets snow due to its verticality.

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij


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