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Ngdheim: City of Wheels

A Famous and Proud Hall

The Dwarrow have always made great halls in forboding mountains or dark caves. Most famous of these halls, besides that of Pokhrazad, is that of Ngdheim, in which the Dwarrow of Ngdheim reside. Ngdheim is, for the most part, a vast underground kingdom dug into the Western Mountains. Its overland holdings are controlled by frontier posts. The underground kingdom itself is famed for its wonderful use of the free-flowing waterfalls and rivers that streak throughout its central caves. Rather than plugging them up, or using them for mundane tasks like turning wheels for grinding wheat, these coursing waterways are used to decorate magnificent architectures with glowing veils of murmuring liquid. The free style of construction has been termed the Ngdheim style, and this old Dwarf city is considered one of the wonders of the Dwarrow mind.

The city gate itself is located under the famous Three Peaks of Ngdheim. The river Eistkear runs quickly over a little green valley. If you follow this river to its source, you will find the gilded and locked gates of Ngdheim. Like most Dwarrow cities, you will not be allowed in unless you have official business to deal with them.

Guarding the widest road into the Ngdheim peaks is the Castle of Barlaam, ruled by the Adel family, who are currently heirless.

National Territory
4.21 Million
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