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Forests of Color

The Forests of Color constitute four major woods in Eastern Huraedon. The woods' names are Glortir, Lorinand, Dwinorde, and Velheln. They are located throughout Eastern Huraedon, but the largest of them (Glortir) spans between Silkofant, Rharinre, and Namaracia.


They are the only places in the world where the massive laurem trees grow. Though these trees have great crowns that, when pressed together, create a thick canopy, the woods are still always filled with sunlight. Any light that enters the woods seem to grow and refract, create wonderful golden patterns. All things in these woods, when a light is pressed against them, become more richly colored - the Forests of Color are places of magic.


The Quoth elves of the Morgondi love these woods, and they mostly live here. Many Forest Gnomes also live here. But the woods are shrinking, and though the Quoth are still as strong as in the heyday of the elves, even they are beginning to diminish. Their people do not return from the halls of Morrôs. Soon the light of the Forests of Color will disappear forever.

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