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The Gaunt King

As Osirtal, the First Spark sacrificed herself before The Lord of Chaos, it also came to pass that Valtena's creations fell to Chaos' taint. Her son, guided by the wisdom of Huirtal, the All-Seeing, gathered the fallen creatures in his arms and carried them to his realm. There, he tended to them as a shepherd to the dead. Their essences lived on as grey shadows of themselves.
Black Tome of the Undying, verses 32-33


Dread Crown

Forged in the bowels of the earth, the Dread Crown grants the wearer to be able to see the dead and amplifies necromancy magic. It was created as a gift for Ril from Hathchan, and the metal is unlike anything else. It's weightless until it sits upon the brow when the crown becomes as heavy as boulders. It's said that the Gaunt King aged a thousand years when he first donned his crown.

Soul Lantern

A pale light flickers in the grey fog. To the lost souls trapped between this realm and the next, it shines bright as a beacon and lures them closer like moths to a flame. The Soul Lantern swings from the Withered Crook as Ril gathers the dead to him and leads them to where they belong.

Withered Crook

The gnarled Withered Crook is taken from the roots of the Boneyard Trees. The staves carried by monks are only a pale imitation and made from the branches. Any who are living and touch it wither and perish. Any who are deceased and touch it spring back to life. It restores body and soul together.

Holy Books

The Book of the Dead

You must guard this with your life. As a devoted student, you understand how to interpret these texts, but to the common man, it is a glimpse into the unfathomable. This book will guide you on your travels, and its wisdom will allow you to teach others what it means to understand death. Remember, only tonsured monks may possess a copy, and this is the mark of your status. Not even the priests know what this books contains.
— An older monk to an acolyte

The Black Tome of the Undying

To all whether monastic or layman, elder or child, man or woman; may this tome guide you in the right path and understand that which the Pale Shepherd has to teach. May you find meaning and enlightenment on your journey to purify your spirit.
— Dedication

The Gaunt King's Wisdom

1Hearken unto my words that were spoken to me by the Pale Shepherd of Souls himself! Behold the wisdom he hath spoke through my mouth. 2The Shepherd, my father, leads all sheep to green pastures and clean water. He fills thy bodies with right sustenance. 3Yet wolves lurk in the shadows with promises of freedom and vice. 4Listen well to the bell that calls back all sheep even from the maws of wolves and dark shadows back to the light and safety of verdant fields.
— Verses 1-4, The Gaunt King's Wisdom


Day of the Dead

It's spring in Otorveia just before the first seeds are planted. The towns and cities are festooned with bright decorations and colorful loaves of unleavened bread. The Day of the Dead is a celebration and reminder of the wedding between Ril and Tauna. The living gather to share news and eat with their loved ones. The pantries are cleared out in preparation of the coming new year, and it's a joyous time of the year for surviving the long winter.
Ilena, Travel Writer

Winter Memorium

On the longest night in winter in Hikkar and Louna, the people gather outside carrying trays filled with cups of scented oil for the Winter Memorium. Local elders in the community read out the names of the deceased for as far back as they can remember or record, and one by one, the living families of the deceased light the oil and let it burn. The vigil lasts all night, and in the morning, everyone returns to their homes to eat winter rice and wait for the flames to die out naturally. The people believe that so long as the names are remembered, the deceased will live on in Dakkor's realm and avoid being cast out into the Forgotten Forest.
— Ilena

Ghost Festival

On the island of Kamasek'al, the Ghost Festival occurs during the last minor cycle of summer. The great black serpent Turnam chases Qazakthein into the sea. Hungry and vengeful spirits are released into the world, and the people light bonfires with resin soaked wood to create thick black smoke that will chase the spirits away. Children dress up as fearsome monsters so that the spirits won't recognize them as children, and on the final day of the festival, people dress up as Turnam and run through the streets throwing candied nuts.
— Ilena

Day of the Ancestors

The elves of the Nefalina Forest don white veils and carry baskets of Riladna flowers to a sacred stone ring. They lay gifts to the deceased inside the ring and scatter the flowers. For the rest of the day, they meditate and reflect on the lives of their ancestors and how they can make the best use of the remaining time of their own lives. At midnight, the flowers glow under the moonlight one final time before withering and turning to dust with the dawn.
— Ilena

Grey Remembrance

From stone we came, to stone we return. Brother to the Mountains, Stone-Gifted Wanderer, lead me home to the roots of the mountains and let no danger befall me in my final journey. Take now this blood offering so you may recognize and remember me when the Mountainsong's lure is too great to resist. Grant me rest at the end of my life, and return me to my forefathers from whom I was hewn.
— Prayer to the Stone-Gifted Wanderer on the day of Grey Remembrance
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Pale Shepherd, Leader to the Final Cloud, Ageless King, Stone-Gifted Wanderer
Stormy grey
Long, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sallow, yellowed, sickly
Associated Species
Death Monks
Divine Symbols
Lantern, shepherd's crook, black and gold stole, dread crown

Myths & Legends

The Shepherd of Death
Ril and Tauna
Hathchan's Exile
The First Death Monk
Usin the Betrayer

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