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I am the one who sees all futures, who sees every path before everyone now and always. I have always existed and always will. I knew you would come since before you were conceived. I know who you will become and might become. I am the Mother of All Life, Wife of Time, and Godmaker.
— @myster
Well, now you have piqued my curiosity. What would you like to know about Fate? Dear, darling Fate who is doomed to watch possibilities unfold unable to change them or influence them. Only to see and report without end. What a terrible way to live knowing all but unable to change the course of events no matter who gets hurt or what disaster befalls the world. They call her the Three Fanged Serpent. The Three Crones. The Infinite Weaver. The All-Seeing. Hah, Fate is no better than a captive to a single path.   She lives in a place she crafted for herself. There weren't any volcanos in the world before she appeared. She created one on an island that remains uncharted and difficult to find except to those she specifically guides to her. Fate is the only one able to make demigods, mortals who through their predestined actions become formless and worshipped. She visits people in dreams, and though she can't influence anything directly, she will nudge people and suggest things as she has foreseen. That is all she can do, and some will ignore her entirely while others follow as they ought.   But not all things are visible to her. She claims to see every possibility, but there is chaos in the world. My influence is beyond her fortune telling. People can act in unexpected ways if they so choose. Everyone has free will, even the gods. That is the gift of corruption. To be able to choose a path regardless of what it should be if order was all that mattered. She did not foresee that her own daughter would reject me and fight me until her final moment. She truly believed that Life would become my bride, and in a way, that's what happened. The broken pieces were all tainted as they should be. Order and Chaos. We can't exist without each other even though it pains us both. Perhaps we are the same. Perhaps we are not.


Divine Classification
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Fate of the World, Mother, Three Fanged Serpent, The Infinite Weaver, The All-Seeing, Mother of All Life, Godmaker, The Three Crones

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