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Shadow Cast

by hughpierre
Shadow Cast refers to the leeward facing side of the western section in the Range.


This part of the Northern Range is home to the Shadow Realms of the Taulli, who readily patrol and heavily tax pochteca on the Shadow Pass trade route.   Similar to Shadow Plain, Shadow Pass and Shadow Realms; the heavy emphasis on 'shadow' is endemic to the taulli because they equate 'shadow' with 'place' in their language.  
It is easy to why as the valley sun travels a path that is over the spine of the Northern Range. As a consequence, the Range's leeward side overlooking Salt Side is perpetually under the mountain's shadow, no matter the time of day or cycle of the year.
— Centzon Observor
  Many heavy woods grow in the Cast's High and Steep Forests. In no small part owing to the tallest growing trees growing in a place that receives copious amount of rain, but little sunlight. In spite of this, the woods are of such quality that elements of the normally trade-intolerant taulli were eventually coerced into parting with some for the sake of other valuables.

Fauna & Flora

Shadow Cat: Large felines with dark, thick, stripped fur. Shadowcats have sharp curved front teeth, lashing tails and sharp, permanently detracted claws. They are the smallest of the great cats but also the most furious: being more willing to attack man.   Black Mark: A spider with the most toxic venom in any known animal. The Black Mark gets its name from the resulting black spots that form around the skin where the victim was bitten.   Water Monitor: A large lizard that ranges from the Shadow Plain and to the heights of the Northern Range. Water monitors are one of the most common lizards living in areas close to water.

Natural Resources

Wildlife Trade: A list of products can be derived from non-domesticated animals or plants usually extracted from their natural environment or raised under controlled conditions. It involves the trade of living or dead tissues such as skins, bones meats or other products.   Toxins: Venoms, poisons and certain plant extracts are highly sought after. Of particular note, is the deathly water from the Deathpool.


High Forest

High Forest rests on an easy 30 degree gradient next to Bai Sai and right above Steep Forest. This mountain forest secretes different forest molds from all places, that when fermented, produces multi-coloured dyes which finance the outpost's existence.  

Steep Forest

Further away from the settlement limits, High Forest's gradient becomes steeper and steeper until it eventually becomes a near vertical drop over onto the Shadow Realms. This drop is still heavily wooded by grasping roots, webby vines and tall trees.  


The uppermost cliffs which the Taulli believe to be cursed. Half the time, they are overtaken by rain fog which makes climbing and traversing the area hazardous. As a result, the Chills are the defacto border line between the Realms and the Ranger territory that caps the mountains.

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Northern Range
Geographic Location | Aug 24, 2020

Bodies of Water

Pitch Way

A gunky river contaminated with pitch seeping from below.  

Forest Falls

A tall but skinny waterfall disrupted by the many trees on its downward path.  

Muddy Reservoir

A large shallow puddle or lake with dirt and debris floating atop.  

Smaller Woods


The westerly woods of Shadow Cast  


The central woods of Shadow Cast  


The easterly woods of Shadow Cast

Cover image: Covered Forest by Bryan Adams


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