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Long-lived, and with a strong connection to nature and the Fey, elves remember much that is forgotten by the shorter-lived races.   While relatively few in number in Vallanna, compared to the number of human settlements, there are several large elven communities within its borders, including the ancient woodland cities of Seorsa'Emel and Taura'Eska.   While some elves prefer to keep to their own kind, shunning contact with other races, seeing them as inferior, many elves wander the land, and enjoy much friendlier contact with the other peoples. Romance between the elves and humans is not unheard of, and the sight of half-elves within the cities, towns and villages of Vallanna is not overly uncommon.   The classification of 'Elf' applies to several ethnicities and sub-cultures who spring from a common lineage.   The most populous within The Kingdom of Vallanna are the Wood Elves, although, as they seldom stray far from their forest realms, are not often encountered by the non-elf inhabitants of the land. While their relations with non-elves are mostly civil, they share a certain distrust of those outside their communities. This, combined with their reclusive nature, is likely responsible for the stereotype that elves think themselves superior to other peoples.   The High Elves best fit what most laymen of Vallanna think of when they think of 'elves'; most likely due to this group's tendancy to travel farther abroad. Many High Elves, especially those who have passed their first century but not yet learned the patience of old age, tend to share a certain impatience with the shorter-lived species with their Wood Elf cousins, but are more likely to eventually overcome these feelings purely due to the greater amount of contact they will have with non-elves over their lives.   The least well-known, and rarely seen of the Elven cultures is that of the Drow, or 'Dark Elves'. In ages gone by, these elves were banished from the surface into the Underdark, as punishment for their worship of the evil deity known as Lolth, The Spider Queen. They are known to be extremely hostile to the races of the surface, occasionally sending raiding parties to attack from below. Individual drow have been known to make their way to the surface to follow their own paths, however, although they are extremely few in number.   Other planes are also home to other varieties of Elves, which have been known to make their way into the Prime Material Plane. These include the Eladrin - Native to the Feywild and closest in form to the original first generation of primal elves, they are extremely slender, with hair and skin colour determined by the season with which they feel the greatest affinity. From the Shadowfell come the Shadar-Kai; pale, near-emotionless servants of The Raven Queen who travel the planes to carry out their mistress' whims. Making the Elemental Plane of Water their home are the Sea Elves.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Elves reach physical maturity on a similar time-frame to humans, but will hold on to their youthful looks for the first few centuries of their lives, finally beginning to show what humans would consider signs of aging after around their five hundredth year.   Within their own communities, elves are not considered adults until around their hundredth birthday.

Ecology and Habitats

Many elves prefer life among forests, feeling a natural connection to them, and to all things Fey, although they have no trouble living in other environments.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Accustomed to dark twilight forests and living under the night sky, elves can see much better than humans in darkness. Their other senses are also much sharper than humans.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most elves speak Elvish as their first language, with some also learning the Sylvan language of the Fey. Many Elves, especially those who leave the forests to walk amongst the other races, can speak Common as well as they speak Elvish, although some find it an unrefined language in comparison.
700 years
Average Height
1.6 - 1.9 metres

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