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(a.k.a. The Spider Queen)

Worshipped by the Drow (Dark Elves) as their primary deity, Lolth is a goddess of lies, trickery, and betrayal.   As with all things elven, Lolth originally sprang from the deity known as Corellon Larethian, creator god of the Elves, forming part of the Elven pantheon known as the Seldarine. At this time, in line with the forever shifting and changing nature of Corellon, the primal elves were not of fixed form; revelling in the multitude of ways that life could be shaped, and residing in Corellon's own Plane of Arvandor.   Lolth, although privileged to be raised above most of the primal elves into the Seldarine, was unhappy in her position as one of Corellon's subjects, and spun a tale to the other elves and members of the Seldarine that the elven race could gain a measure of superiority over all other forms of life, if they gave up the freedom of chameleonic nature to take static forms at last. This was to prove to be an enticing idea to those who heard it.   As the different groups of primal elves took on static forms, Corellon was revolted by what he saw as a betrayal of the true nature of the elven people, in their casting aside of their changable nature. The different groups of elves, and other deities of the Seldarine began to gravitate towards either Corellon or Lolth in this disagreement; notably the Drow (Dark Elves) standing with Lolth.   At a time when Corellon was lost in thought and distracted, Lolth, in a final act of betrayal, tried to strike him an underhanded mortal blow, but was thwarted by those who stood with him. This act split all of elvenkind asunder. Corellon cast out all but those loyal deities of the Seldarine from Arvandor, consigning them to a physical existence among the various other Planes. It was at this time that the Drow (Dark Elves) were exiled by the other races of Elves into the Underdark of the Prime Material Plane.   For all her acts treachary, Lolth was banished to the Lower Plane of the Abyss by Corellon, where she still dwells. Lolth is the head of the so-called Dark Seldarine - a grouping of the original Seldarine deities which stood with her in her clash with Corellon and were similarly banished.   Lolth asks much of her followers, most of all sacrifices of treasure and blood. In return for victims and the adoration of her followers, Lolth grants marks and signs of her favour, influencing events in favour of those she is most pleased with.

Divine Domains

Trickery, Lies, Betrayal, Intrigue, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Eight-Pointed Star with a Web motif.
Divine Classification


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