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Echo Pastries

A magical baked good. Filled with cooked recurrants. Tastes like your favourite food.

Apple pie. It tasted like apple pie. Salanda sat in quiet contemplation as she ate her ill-gotten goods. Her eyes moistened - it wasn't just any apple pie; it tasted the same as the last thing she'd ever eaten with her family.

Echo pastries are expensive baked goods infused with enchantment magic. They are rarely larger than a single mouthful due to the high cost of the ingredients and are usually viewed to be more akin to an alchemical creation than a culinary one.

Their unique property is their flavour. Rather than being fixed, the taste is unique for the individual. Echo pastries almost always taste the same as the eater's favourite, most memorable food. This usually manifests as something sweet, which explains the dish's popularity as a dessert. Skilled crafters, however, may nudge the end experience in a certain direction. Stories abound of the sumptuous dishes served during the annual eleven-course dinner served at the grand-magister's table in the great college of Arcenne: the eleventh dish is always an echo pastry tailored to taste like your favourite meal eaten during the last year within the colleges.

The main ingredient is a small portion of cooked recurrants. The rarity of these due to the inability to cultivate them outside of the Feywild, the danger of eating them raw and the difficulty of cooking the pastry itself causes the dish to command a high price. The most basic examples sell for roughly 50gp each, usually produced in a set of six, but carefully tailored items may reach several times this.

Manufacturing process

The filling of the pastry is produced much like a magic potion, requiring spellcasting ability, recurrants and fresh water, preferably from a spring in the Feywild. Individual crafters may put their own touches on the recipe, adding ingredients to give a unique flourish or to guide the recipient towards specific memories. Once prepared - usually over a period of several days of careful reduction over a low heat - this filling may then be treated like any other cooking ingredient.

Most echo pastries are produced as miniature strudels or turnovers, but the chef may create just about anything as a final product.

Urvén Homebrew

Echo Pastries


Uncommon Fantasy

A creature who eats one of these pastries gains 2d4 temporary hit points as they blissfully recall the best dish they have ever eaten.

This small, wrapped package contains six miniature pastries. They smell delicious, but different for everyone.

Cost: 300gp
Weight: 0.2lb

Item type
Consumable, Magical
Base Price
300gp (for six)
Raw materials & Components

Materials with a total value of 200gp including the following:

  • Recurrants (uncommon/herb/fantasy)
  • Feywild springwater
  • 3rd level spell slot sacrificed each day (or the reservation of an infusion by an artificer)

  • DC 10 to produce, 8 days base crafting duration.

    Rules on crafting magic items can be found here.

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