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Summer Camp's Reading Challenge 2022

It's reading time!

  The goal? To read and learn from other's Summer Camp articles. Nine articles, to be specific.   (Check the description of the Challenge) for details.     During the rest of the month, I'll try to read at least one article each day or at least one prompt (3 articles) per week.  
A template/topic I find challenging

A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership

Mining Rights
I'll consider this one Instructive, because it reminds me that military conflicts (and conflict in general) can start with a lie or half truth told in the right moment, to the right people.  
  War of the False Empress
Oh, a war that ends without any blood, I like these kind of conflict.   But, let's not get distracted.   I find this article Instructive, because of the tactics used by mostly because of the "foreshadowing" in the article. I can't stop thinking of how it could have been reaffirmed in a novel.  
  Las guerras Nueznautas
An Inspiring article because of its develpment. The way roles change is interesting and says a lot about the people involved.  
A prompt I enjoyed writing

A myth or urban legend about a "monster"

The Ghosts of the Harvest
This article is Inspiring because it reminded me that real world's lore can be adapted in a simple way to show the peculiarities of our worldbuilding from a perspective familiar to the reader (or player, I guess). That way, they will be comfortable instead of struggling to understand.   Besides, I loved the drawing and the story's simple, optimistic tone.  
  The Hyena and the Double Headed Twins
Simple but effective, this is article is Inspiring because it reminds me that sadness and horror can start in the same place than happy adventures. Besides, everything is narrated in a very poetic way, which adds to the duality in the story.  
  Dragón de Hielo
While the main thing that makes this article Inspiring is the description of the creature, I find quite interesting that the original story is just a recount of an encounter, with not great implication or complicated origins, because many myth and legends are exactly that: just a random encounter that leaves more questions than answers.
A prompt I found challenging

Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys

Wagon trains
This is an interesting article in general, but I find particularly instructive the use of the sections about armament and defenses to explain why they aren't used, while detailing other aspects about the wagons, and how it shows a bit of history in these and other sections of the article.  
  The travel worms
This is an Inspiring entry, not only because of the nature of the "vehicle", so unexpected, but because the fact that people had come with the idea, and how it works, says a lot about the world.  
This article is instructive and interesting in several ways, but the main reason I'm including it here as inspiring, is because of how it works and to what end. It's creative and clever.  

September and beyond

I'm still trying to participate more in the World Anvil community, and I recently read that there would be several unofficial challenges there. ;)   I plan to focus on finishing the worldbuilding of Obliviously Evil.


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