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Nipafo (ˈnipafa)

Connect, Bond, Attribute in Dark Wave Language

The Coiling One Nipafo

Upon waking Lynir saw that another Necro Serpent had come into his room. It had started to coil around Creuda with its tail around Lynir's bed. Lynir sighed as he got up and patted both serpents' snots.   "As I named Creuda after my obsession with my studies I will name you Nipafo after the bondage that I feel," Lynir said as the tip of the tail of the serpent's tail wrapped around his foot.
-The Canticle of Bhoa dru Durá
The serpent called Nipafo is the second pet of Lynir that appeared one night and was found in the morning. Lynir then decides to keep the snake as it coils around him. This can be seen in the art of the serpents and Lynir.   In art, Nipafo is always coiled around Lynir's feet and legs. Its head is also lower than Creuda's head. In some art, Nipafo is the only serpent and it is completely coiled around Lynir. This is common in art where Lynir is laying down and often nude with the coils strategically covering him.

Divine Domains

Scholars believe that Nipafo is an extension of Qaydith's domain of bondage and slavery which some scholars believe is odd because Nipafo is always depicted as binding Lynir, who is not a Slave. Since Nipafo came into Lynir's room at night other scholars argue that Nipafo shares domains with Zinja the God of Night. One of the wonders of Nipafo being such a lesser god in religion is that he manages to fit in many different boxes.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The serpents of Lynir don't seem to have goals or motives. Some scholars think that Nipafo does have a goal or motive. They point out the artwork that seems that Nipafo wants to bind Lynir by coiling around him. That way Lynir can not escape... something.
- A Scholoraly Paper on the Mythology of the Miylian Elders

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nipafo is a long white serpent. He has green eyes. When he sticks his tongue out it is long, forked, and green. Nipafo sometimes is part human and part snake. His tail would shown as white and his body would be a dark skin tone. His eyes are green and he was shown as having light hair.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The two serpents that Lynir owned first show up the myth Canticle of Bhoa dru Durá. While Creuda seems to have been around longer, but then there is Nipafo. Nipafo just shows up.
In the myth or chant of Bhoa dru Durá Nipafo just shows up. Lynir wakes up one morning and finds Nipafo coiling around Creuda. When Lynir names Nipafo the serpent starts to coil around Lynir's foot. Lynir then gets up and goes about his day.   Parts of the text are a little hard to understand. Like we don't know which serpent was coiling around Lynir's bed. It might be because part of it is missing or it was badly translated. We can assume that the serpent that is always coiling was Nipafo. After all, Nipafo means "bondage" or "connected to."   Some scholars theorize that Nipafo was in fact sent to Lynir by Qaydith the Lord Domination and Bondage. This theory is held highly in the academic community partly because Qaydith is also depicted with a Necro Serpent but is never bound by it.


Family Ties

Social Aptitude

For a pet, Nipafo is very clingy preferring to coil around its owners with the favorite person to coil around being Lynir.




Towards Nipafo



Guardian Consort

Towards Lynir


Divine Classification
Pet of Lynir
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Coiling One
  • The Binding One
Lynir (Master)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization